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This program is organized into 3-week cycles. As detailed in the chart below, your schedule will change for the 3rd week. In order to achieve maximum results please ensure you follow the instructions in the chart below along with the diet and hydrotherapy information. On average most dogs will require two or three 3-week cycles to achieve optimum results. Every individual is different.

For maintenance, you can continue with home prepared meals including Dog Greens, filtered water and regular exercise. Twice a year in the Spring and Fall we recommend cleansing your dog’s Kidneys and Liver to keep everything running smoothly. This is basically the last two weeks of the 3-week cycle. One week for the Kidneys followed by one week for the Liver.

Times of Day Days 1 – 14 Days 15 – 21
Morning (Before work) Rena-Cleanse, Blood Cleansing Formula, Dog Greens Hepara-Cleanse, Blood Cleansing Formula, Dog Greens
Afternoon (After work) Rena-Cleanse, Blood Cleansing Formula Hepara-Cleanse, Blood Cleansing Formula
Evening (Before bed) Rena-Cleanse, Blood Cleansing Formula, Dog Greens Hepara-Cleanse, Blood Cleansing Formula, Dog Greens

*If you are home during the day or go home for lunch you can administer again at lunchtime for a total of 4 times per day.

Administration Instructions by Weight

Our tincture bottle includes a glass dropper. For your dog’s safety we recommend using a plastic oral syringe to administer the liquid formulae. One syringe is included with each package. These are also available from your veterinarian, feed supply or pharmacy. You can give both formulae together at the same time. The drops can be placed in the syringe, then you can draw up some plain unsweetened yogurt, baby food or applesauce, this will help take the edge off the taste of the drops. Yogurt usually works best. If your dog has a good appetite, you can mix the drops with a small snack sized portion of food.

Rena-Cleanse 1 drop per pound of body weight to be given with Blood Cleansing Formula. Given 3-4 times daily for two weeks.
Blood Cleansing Formula 1 drop for every TWO pounds of body weight to be given with Rena-Cleanse or Hepara-Cleanse. Given 3-4 times daily for three weeks.
Hepara-Cleanse 1 drop per pound of body weight to be given with Blood Cleansing Formula. Given 3-4 times daily for one week.
Dog Greens ½ teaspoon per 10 pounds body weight 2 times daily. Can be added to meals, mixed with water and offered as a drink or mixed with water and syringe fed.

If your dog weighs over 80 lbs, you will give him the amount for an 80 lb dog.

Photo Instructions

Measuring liquid into syringe

filling formula step 1
filling formula step 2
filling formula step 3
filling formula step 4

Administering syringe to your dog

syringe step 1
syringe step 2
syringe step 3


Probably the most effective part in any natural health program, hydrotherapy has been used for centuries to support health by promoting blood flow to an area. From the Greek physician Hippocrates, John Floyer in England, Vincenz Priessnitz and Sebastian Kneipp in Germany, Benedict Lust to the famous John Kellogg and O G Carroll right here in North America all used hydrotherapy to support health.

Hot water brings blood to the surface of the skin, which is why the skin turns red, it relaxes the body by expanding blood vessels and loosening the muscles. Cold water does the opposite; it contracts the muscles and blood vessels sending the blood on the surface deeper into the body and organs. By alternating hot and cold you increase circulation in the body. Blood carries oxygen and nutrition to every cell and organ in the body, when blood is restricted to any area of the body that area will eventually die. By feeding your dog a proper diet and loading his blood with the proper nutrition, hydrotherapy will ensure that nutrient rich blood gets to all the cells that need it.


If your dog has longer or thick hair you will need to trim the hair on the lower back, just above the hips. If your dog has short hair similar to the dog pictured below the water should be able to contact the skin without trimming the hair. If you are not sure where the kidneys are located ask your veterinarian to show you. The photo below will show you the general area.

Put your dog in the tub, you will need a hand sprayer. Turn the water on warm and apply to the lower back area. Get him used to the water, after about a minute turn up the heat to the hottest setting you can handle without burning yourself. Keep this on the area for one minute. Then turn the hot water completely off and spray the cold water for another full minute. Repeat this for a total of 10-15 minutes at least twice a day. (See photo below.)

End on warm to relax or cold to invigorate. You will notice when on warm your dog may yawn or even start to dose off and on cold they will perk right up!

Alternative Method

If having your dog stand in the tub for 10-15 minutes is not an option, a second best option would be to use hot and cold packs. The best are the gel packs you can find at the drug store that you can warm up in the microwave and cool by putting in the fridge or freezer (you will need two packs to do this). The routine is the same but instead you will be placing the hot pack on for 1 minute, then switching to the cold pack for one minute, back and forth for 10-15 minutes.

WARNING: If your dog is having a health issue, consult your veterinarian before starting hydrotherapy.

Hydro 1
hydro 2

A good idea is to mark the hot water limit on your fixture with two pieces of electrical tape, one on the handle and one on the face plate. This way you will not have to guess where the right temperature is each time you switch back to hot.

The greater the contrast, the more effective hydrotherapy is.

It is very important to always check the water temperature on yourself first to avoid burning your dog, as the water pressure can affect the temperature in some buildings.

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