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There’s a good reason why so many people decide to share their stories with us. The Canine Kidney Health Program not only works, it’s the best natural support you can give your dog with Kidney problems. But don’t take my word for it, just read the incredible stories from real people below, and visit this page regularly to read the latest reviews and Canine Kidney Health program reviews.

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It is with much sadness that I have to tell you that my Buster passed away on Feb 10, 2016. With that said I also want to express my utmost gratitude to you and your products. Buster was diagnosed with kidney failure in Sep 2014 and was given only 2 weeks to live when I started your products. Your program gave Buster another year and 5 months to live. He would have been 18 years old in April. I would like to thank you for that from the bottom of my heart. This would not
have been possible without you!!

Karin Berger
Rio Rancho, NY*

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Hi 5 Leaf, my dog’s kidney reports came back with her bun level 69, creatinine 3.1, globulin 4.9, albumin 2.2, phosphorus 6.1, RBC 5.14, HGB 12.3, HCT 35.9, lymphocyte 893; along with a slew of other numbers. She did have a slight urinary infection; which was treated with antibiotics (for a quick recovery) but I told my vet, that I try to do all natural treatments.

I did my research and found your program. I did 2, 3-week treatments. My next results in test 2 were: bun 25 normal, creatinine 2.3, still high but moving down, globulin 4.2, still high but moving down, albumin 2.4, low but moving up, phosphorus 3.9 normal, RBC 5.84 normal, HGB 14.6 normal, HCT 40.0 normal, lymphocyte 1166 normal. This test included a new kidney test the: SDMA and it was 23, on a scale of 0-14.

I had started feeding her an all natural diet and your greens; and her breath immediately improved. Her first test was in June 2015 and her second test was in August 2015. Her third test was Feb. 2016 and these are her results :)) :bun 12 normal, creatinine 1.5 normal , globulin 4.1 normal is 4.0, albumin 2.8 normal, phosphorus 2.9 normal, RBC 6.42 normal, HGB 15.2 normal, HCT 41.7 normal, lymphocyte 1137 normal and her SDMA is 15 normal is 0-14. Her WBC moved down slightly but will be working on it. Every other reading is normal. I will be doing another treatment in a few months. Thank you for your great product. My vets haven’t called me to see what I have been doing, to get these great readings(sarcasm intended). Again, thank you so much.

Robin Tomaino
Seabrook, NH*
Hadassah’s Veterinarian: Amesbury Animal Hospital (Massachusetts)**

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In 2011 my precious dog, Cookie, was diagnosed with kidney failure. She was given a month at best to live. I was devastated. Her veterinarian wasn’t very hopeful. His diagnosis was “at her age there usually isn’t much you can do.” She was twelve.

I started researching kidney disease in dogs and came across Five Leaf Pet Botanicals!! I couldn’t wait to try the products. I immediately placed my order and started Cookie on the program. I was diligent with the drops, dog greens, and her healthy diet. Consistency was the key.

I had Cookie’s blood work done every six weeks and all her numbers were starting to be within normal range! Even her hair came back thick and beautiful red. She was like a puppy again running outside and playing. When her numbers were totally back in the normal range I was able to stop giving the daily drops and put her on the maintenance program. Always giving the greens and keeping the healthy diet.

Amanda and her amazing holistic approach has been the answer to my prayers! Five years later, Cookie’s kidney failure is just a memory!! I have kept her on the maintenance program, (giving the drops in the spring and fall), have had her blood work done every six months and have given her the greens twice a day for the past five years.

Cookie is now 17 and is an amazing dog!! I owe it all to FIVE LEAF PET BOTANICALS…without them I wouldn’t have my beloved Cookie. I can’t say enough about these products. I wish everybody knew about this program!!! Thank you Amanda!!! Cookie and I love you!!!

Lisa Walters,
Bargersville, Indiana*
Cookie’s Veterinarian: Dr. Vaught**

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After 2 years with my rescued 7 year old Bijon mix, Miss Lizzie, she started having difficulty peeing. She always urinated very frequently, more than normal, but this was different. One night before I could get her into the vet she tried and tried but could not pee. In the morning I took her in before they opened and found out she had bladder stones,11 to be exact, and one had broken up and lodged in her ureter. Urine had backed up and the Dr said surgery was necessary but she would not know if her kidneys were damaged.

Several days after surgery she came home, thinner and lifeless. When she tried to eat she would throw up and her little body would shudder and heave up what little food she ate. The same happened when she drank. She couldn’t last like this.

Back she went to the vet; her blood levels were off the charts. Dr. T said she was in kidney failure. She offered me an anti-emetic and some canned “kidney diet” food and told me to bring her back when I needed to put her down. A matter of a few weeks according to her.

I have always made my dogs food from healthy everyday human ingredients. I went home that day and did research on canine kidney diets. That is how I found Five Leaf Pet Botanicals. I read everything on the website. I mixed up the apple cider vinegar with applesauce and ginger and syringed a small amount down her throat. I saw immediate relief. She started keeping down the water! I then went out and got organic chicken, ground it and slightly sauteed it (she never could keep down raw food, even before), mixed it with rice, sweet potato, ground organic vegetables. She didn’t eat much but with the apple cider mix she kept it down.

In the morning I called the web site number, not really expecting a call back and ordered the kit. At the end of that day Amanda called apologizing for how long it took her to call. I couldn’t believe she even called, let along the same day.

We discussed the water therapy, eggshell powder and a few other things I could do until the herbal remedies arrived. I did them all. As soon as I got the tinctures I started her on them. She hated them and soon after taking them had the strength to put up quite a fight. I called Amanda again and asked if I could put them in her food. A quick call from her and we were okay with that method of ingestion.

Weeks later, for an after surgery checkup, Lizzie walked into the vets with a gleam in her full of life. The vet couldn’t believe it and asked what I had done. I told her of the diet, supplements and Five Leaf Pet web site and was summarily dismissed as poppycock!!

I bought enough tinctures to do 4 rounds. Lizzie however, does better on the tinctures as a regular part of her diet that not.

Three years later and not only is she wonderfully well but eats her food raw. Truly amazing results. She has so much life in her..On her recent annual exam, Miss Lizzie’s blood work showed a small rise in her bun levels. I had increased her protein levels to 50 percent and believe that was the cause, but a quick call to Amanda and a few adjustments and I am truly sure she will be as good as usual. Thank you for showing me how to save my dogs life when all I have gotten was a large bill and a death sentence from the vet

Vickie Adams
Federal Way, WA*
Lizzie’s Veterinarian: Dr. Tberg**

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Smoke Wissahickon


My dog, Smoke, an 11 year old black lab/ridgeback mix, was diagnosed with Lyme disease in 2011. He had a tough battle with the disease but eventually over a few months time and a round of doxycycline, he returned to his normal, happy self. I never suspected that another disease was growing in his body as a direct result of the lyme.

Fast forward to the summer of 2014. Smoke was showing symptoms of lethargy and a loss of appetite. I couldn’t even get him to take a bite of chicken or roast beef! Something was clearly wrong. His blood work showed the tell-tale signs of Protein Losing Nephropathy (a kidney disease caused by lyme). My vet delivered the bad news with a heavy heart and offered a bleak prognosis. I asked about treatment (both natural and mainstream) and he said that because PLN is an autoimmune disease, there really wasn’t anything doctors or vets can do. The vast majority of dogs experience irreversible kidney failure and die with 3 to 6 months. I was heartbroken. Smoke had already lost close to 15 lbs, he wasn’t eating and hardly moving, his BUN and Phosphorus skyrocketed and his Albumin (protein) levels dropped to as low as 1.6 (normal is 2.6+). He was digressing quickly and it seemed as though he was slipping away and succumbing to the same fate as so many other dogs have before him.

Meanwhile, as I was tirelessly searching for a ray of hope on internet forums and researching alternative treatments for PLN, I stumbled upon a testimony on a YouTube thread. A lady said that her dog had lyme nephrosis/kidney failure and with the help of Five Leaf Pet Botanicals’ products, her dog made a full recovery. I contacted Five Leaf the very next day.

Amanda at Five Leaf was so gracious in answering all of my many questions and helping me formulate a diet and program that would eventually get Smoke back on his way to full health. His progress was slow and incremental at first but after a year and a half of continuous improvements his blood work is now just about normal ( His albumin levels are hovering slightly below 2.6 while BUN, phosphorus, blood/creatinine ratio, etc are well within in the normal range). More importantly, Smoke now has tons of energy and is in great physical shape…the vets at my animal hospital are calling him a miracle dog. Anyway, I can’t thank Amanda enough…I have no doubt that if I followed only the mainstream treatment, Smoke would have died. His condition was complex, so we needed to address his health by adding a few extra natural remedies in addition to the standard Five Leaf Program (such as agaricus mushroom, systemic enzymes, eggshellent, etc)…Amanda offered all of this information to me at no additional cost. I’ve seen her Five Leaf products work first hand and I don’t think there’s a better program out there to help save your dogs life from kidney failure. I’m actually so impressed by the results, I made a video demonstrating how to prepare and administer the foods and supplements (see below for link). It’s been 1 1/2 years since Smoke’s diagnosis. He still has some room for improvements, however, I’m hopeful and expecting that his remaining years will be full of happiness and health.

Thanks so much Amanda!

With much gratitude,

Ernie Migali
Philadelphia, PA*
Smoke’s Veterinarian: Dr. Peter Chapman**


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We got Lupo at 3 1/2 – 4 months old as a rescue. He was always playful and friendly and is now still. After having him only 3 months, at a local dog park he caught Leptospirosis and that was not a recommended vaccination at our vet so he didn’t have the shot for it. We noticed he was getting lethargic, not eating his food when he usually jumps up and down when it’s time to eat, and very thirsty and going pee a lot more than normal even after thinking it was because of the summer heat. We took him to the vet and his BUN was around 35 and his creatinine and phosphorus were also higher than normal. We took him to the emergency hospital to run blood tests and get him IV fluids and we found out two days later he was positive for Leptospirosis. My wife and I were devastated. We had just gotten him and he was such a good dog and too young for this to happen. His condition worsened even after three days in the ER under 24 hour care. They were giving him IVs and antibiotics but his BUN numbers were going up by 39-40 points per day with 3 IVs per day. The Creatinine was 7 and Phosphorus was high too. We were told by the end of day two his kidneys were failing and his BUN reached 160 Creatinine was 10.8 and phosphorus was 15. Three veterinarians told us that he had a poor prognosis and that we should start thinking about kidney dialysis, kidney transplant, euthanasia, or make him as comfortable as possible at home and expect the worse. We couldn’t accept this so my wife and I found this website and overnighted the six week package. We took him home after three days and the vets did nothing but give IVs and antibiotics, which we could have given him the pills at home and we did. At home we started him on a raw food diet and this system and he immediately started eating like normal again, even begging. He also was active and going outside playing like usual. He had blood work done after the first three week package and his numbers were BUN 37, Creatinine 1.6., and phosphorus was 6.0. I am absolutely positive this system saved our puppy. If you have any kidney problems in your dog and get these responses from your vet, ORDER THIS PACKAGE NOW!! It is the BEST chance to save your dog’s life! Lupo is now 10 months old and healthier than he was before I believe. He is active and makes us laugh everyday and we are thankful for finding this miracle cure, and it really is, as well as the website which gives information that is also useful about diet and care. Special thanks to Amanda for all the help keeping in contact with me and answering all my questions! This is a literal life saver!

Ottavia and Parisa Borgia
Fresno, CA*

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Our Springer Spaniel/Border Collie mix was diagnosed with kidney disease in January, 2013. We began the Canine Kidney Health Program in February, 2013. By January, 2015 her Creatinine level had gone from 2.3 to normal and her BUN level from 82 to normal. Our veterinarian considers this a miracle. Before we began the program Joy was suffering from tremors and exhibiting signs of acute discomfort. Shortly after treatment began the tremors disappeared along with her distress. Joy is now 15 years old. We feel the Canine Kidney Health Program has enabled her to live longer in comfort.

Carl Holland
Tigard, OR*
Joy’s Veterinarian: Quin Christensen**

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Sage our now 12 year old lab was in major kidney failure a week before christmas 2014. I was told by our vet it would be a matter of days until we would have to bring her back, put her down. I could not give up on my first dog. Especially while she wagged her tail, looked at me like the same old dog she has always been. I called Amanda at five leaf and told her our story. She gave me hope, things to try. We started the Rena cleanse and greens right away. She could not even walk at this time. I actually had to carry her outside for the first week to help her go to the bathroom. Within the first day I could tell she was getting better. The shaking was going away. We continued for a month with the program. I never thought Sage would be back to being the same dog. It is now May of 2015, Sage is doing great. she has actually even been out hunting again at the old age of 12! Without the five leaf program, Amanda’s help I know without a doubt that Sage would not be here. I would recommend this to anyone who’s dog is having Kidney failure.

Jeff Anderson
Monee, IL*
Sage’s Veterinarian: Peotone Animal Clinic**

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Your products have been a miracle for our 15 year old pug-mix Buzz! After doing fine for a year on kidney diet and Azodyl, he took a sudden nosedive: lethargy, shivering, acidic stomach, vomiting, temporary appetite loss, bad breath and gas, and even poor coat appearance. It broke our hearts to see him deteriorate and suffer this way. At the vet, his CREAT was 5.7. Desperate, I searched online for something to help and found this site. We began daily fluid injections around the same time I received your Kidney Health Package One and promptly started him on the herbal drops and greens. Only one week later, his CREAT went down to 5.0. I knew the diet was starting to help but didn’t want to get my hopes too high. He only got better. After three weeks, he was night and day, his energy back in full force, all his symptoms fading away. We got another blood test. His CREAT dropped to 3.5. We even stopped the fluid injections and he continues to do great, just like is old self. After finishing our second 3-week cycle, we will continue using the greens and the Fall/Spring herbal drop cleansings as recommended. Our vet was thrilled and couldn’t believe the turnaround! I’ll never forget the look of amazement and excitement on his face. He even asked for your information so he can refer other patients! We’ve already recommended you to our friends too. Your products are the real deal!! We feel like we’ve given Buzz a new lease on life and no one can believe how good he’s doing now. Thank you for giving us more time with our best friend.

Rick Bourn
Van Nuys, CA*
Buzz’ Veterinarian: Dr. Michael Pitt**

*Results shared in reviews are not typical; your results may vary.
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Heidi came to my wife June and I from a lovely breeder at Cowra, a country town in mid-Western New South Wales (N.S.W), Australia. We picked her up at the age of 7 weeks and she came home with us to Kiama, on the South Coast of N.S.W. She settled in with us and our other Sheltie (Shetland Sheepdog) Toby, and exciting sable-merle boy.

Heidi, being my wifes’ pup, was trained by herself, growing up in our household all meant obedience training, agility training and lots of activity. As time went on, Heidi was trialling in both disciplines. She obtained quite a high level of titles in both disciplines, also gaining several places at the Sydney Royal Easter Show in agility. As years went on, Heidi retired from competition at the age of about 12 years.

Last year at the age of 16, she had an injury. After 2 weeks, the antibiotics were changed; with the warning from the Veterinarian if Heidi stopped eating, started vomiting, got lethargic, we were advised to consult a Veterinarian immediately. She had been on this antibiotic for approximately 1 week. Of all things, when she had the reaction, we were at Bathurst, a mid-Western N.S.W. town here in Australia, at an agility trial. I immediately contacted a Veterinarian I knew. He asked me to immediately meet him at his surgery, even though it was a Saturday night. She was given an injection to stop the vomiting and settle her down. I took her back to my caravan at the Trial site, with instruction to phone the vet first thing in the morning if she was not better. This ended up being the case, and this most helpful Vet then put her on a drip for the day, telling me to go back to the Trial and pick her up when the Trial finished.

I was on my way home, some 180 miles away. When we arrived home our own Vet put her on a drip again and did blood tests, which indicated kidney deterioration. After 4 days of treatment, nothing had improved very much. We persevered for 2 more days with a sebaceous drip via her side. After another blood test came back with very bad results, I then thought Heidi might have to be put to sleep. The Vets had told me they were unable to do any more productive treatment.
I asked to have some time to consider things and went home and got onto the internet. I found Amanda’s Five Leaf Pet Pharmacy, with some good recommendations. I immediately made contact via the website and ordered the program. It arrived in Australia in 2 days!

Heidi started the program straight away and within 3 days had started to eat on her own again. Considering she had not eaten on her own for approx. 12 days, her weight had gone down to 6.2 kilograms. Once she started eating, she has not stopped since being on the program (for about 8 weeks). Her weight has gone back up to 8.4 kilograms and her blood test came back to normal.

She has been a Delta Pet Therapy Dog for the last 7 years. She visits local Dementia Care Facilities and interacts with all the patients. She has only missed about 6 weeks due to her kidneys. Heidi, still at her age, loves visiting, always waits at the door to get her bandana put on and then finds someone looking a bit down and cheers them up.

Heidi is now 17 years young and back to life. Our Vets have been very helpful and supportive all the way through this very hard time. Heidi now walks about 200 yards on the beach and is having 1 treatment of drops and 1 hydro session per day plus the diet. I am forever grateful to Amanda for her program.

Forever grateful,
Tony Mitchell
Kiama N.S.W. Australia*

P.S. Heidi chased a Kelpie dog the other night at agility training; it was chasing a ball and she didn’t catch it but enjoyed the chase! She came back smiling and tail wagging. By the way, Heidi had 3 pups who are 11 years old now and still trialling. 1 of the pups won her event at the Sydney Royal Easter Show 2012 and the same event in the Sheltie Nationals in the same year.

*Results shared in reviews are not typical; your results may vary.




Dear Amanda, I should have written this review a year ago so please forgive me for the delay. We’ve had our wonderful soft coated wheaten terrier Charlie since he was seven weeks old in October, 2003. He saved my life out of a dreadfully deep depression; my world wouldn’t be the same without him. He’s energetic and playful and loves everybody. But a year or so ago he was diagnosed with kidney disease and we were told he should get limited exercise, prescription food and as much comfort as we could give him (that last part is a no-brainer since he has the run of the house). My husband and I were heart broken when we were told he only had 25% of his kidney function left (which, we’re told, is the earliest time kidney disease can be detected). We love our vet and trust him implicitly but we had to research other options to help him heal. Finding you took a quick google search. Reading your program was so enlightening. Just reading that we could make his food, fill him with holistic HEALING methods and reading the recommendation that he get EXERCISE was wonderful. Then I read your testimonials. One that truly warmed our hearts was from a woman named Cheryl (my name too) from Virginia (where I live). That was the clincher. Karma!

So we ordered the program and followed it to the letter. By the next visit to the vet Charlie’s numbers had turned around significantly. Our baby boy (okay, he’s almost 12) was coming back!

Doggie parents know when their little ones aren’t well. They don’t want to eat, they lay around a lot. They spend a lot of time in other rooms away from the family; it’s heart-breaking. Within a week of starting your program he sprung back! Our baby boy was on the mend. I tear up every time I see him because you saved his life.

We bought a filtration system that hooks up under our sink and creates essentially distilled water. And we bought ice cube trays for it as well; even though the refrigerator makes ice we want him to have the best.

Our house is filled with beds, furniture, blankets and pillows. My husband always covers Charlie’s lower half to keep those kidneys warm so the blood flows.

Thank God for you for developing this amazing program. I tell absolutely everyone about it. You even inspired my niece to make home made food for her cats who have always been healthy.

Thank you Amanda.


Cheryl from Virginia (another one)
Buffalo JCT, VA*
Charlie’s Veterinarian: Dr. Allen Dahl, Clarksville Veterinary Clinic, VA**

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The second week in November my little baby, Cookie, was diagnosed with renal failure. Her BUN values were through the roof. I do not have them with me at the moment or I would tell you what they were). The vet said “I can’t predict how long she’ll be around but we’ll just keep her comfortable, that’s all we can do”. Cookie was drinking a lot of water, that was the only sign I had that something wasn’t right. Nevertheless, I wasn’t buying the death sentence, and, I was hell-bent on finding a way.

In 2013 we had lost our little boy Chihuahua from renal failure and he suffered terribly. I had started taking them both for acupuncture before he was diagnosed. It is posted to you tube.

Five Leaf entered the picture about a week after my research in November. My decision to go with 5 leaf was EASY.

After speaking at length with Amanda, she is an angel and so lovely, sincere. Amanda took the time to explain to me how the products are made from A to Z. After being informed by Amanda it was a no brainer. I had nothing to lose and if perchance it didn’t work I had the satisfaction of knowing that I did the best I could and used the best products available for my little cookie.

Fast forward to now… I just can’t tell you how happy… I am.. and I’m ecstatic because I never thought the outcome would be so unbelievably wonderful. My 15 and a half year old baby feels great and is doing great and eating a lot .

In January I called the vet and told her that cookie was doing very well on the natural products that I purchased. The vet said “I’m shocked!!! to be honest with you, I didn’t think she would still be with us. Well whatever works.” she added, didn’t ask me anything else about it.

She hasn’t been to the vet since November. She wags her tail she loves the hydrotherapy, she gets very spunky after dinner and wants to play with Daddy and he still takes her for walks.

I did the best I could following the directions. And embarrassingly I must tell you I purchased some food for canine kidney health from a store called long dog fat cat and she loves it. If you don’t follow the directions perfectly it still works great and what a testament to Five Leaf, Amanda, you have made a difference in so many people’s lives by creating these top notch natural Organic products that I trust in, I couldn’t be happier with the outcome wonderful.

Chris Bolmeier
Omaha, NE*

*Results shared in reviews are not typical; your results may vary.


Nosey Nick


This is the story of Nosey Nick and his second shot at life after having Kidney failure. Nosey, up until April 2007, was a spunky little Red Poodle who loved to see everyone and run and played constantly. On Easter morning in 2007, we woke up to a house full of vomit, and diarrhea, and blood. This put us into a MAJOR panic. I took Nosey tothe VET the next business day immediately and we saw Dr. Nall at the Etown Animal Hospital. He said that Nosey’s numbers were off the charts, and not to expect him to live long at all and the best solution was to “put him down”. That was not an option in my book. Several Dr’s, a job and lots of money later the doctors all had the same conclusions. I called my son Robert, Easter morning letting him know the condition of Nosey and to also let him know Easter would still be on but very little will be cooked and celebrated. Robert then decided to spend hours on the computer when he found Five Leaf. We did extensive research, called several times, got the recommended treatment and then the tough times were yet to come. We did water therapy, a major diet change, and a life changing detox and cleansing for Nosey pretty much on a daily basis. Once the detoxification and the products kicked in Nosey literally did a 180 degree turn for the BEST. He acted like he was a pup, he ran, played, barked and did all the normal PUP activities. When we took Nosey back to the VET for his numbers to get checked again the VET, the Nurses, myself and everyone else was astounded to see that his numbers were back to normal and the kidney failure was gone. Nosey then lived another 10 fantastic years spoiled rotten and very much a pup mind. I have to admit the product, the diet change, and all of everyone’s hard work to make sure that Nosey was well worked and I am so thankful for the Five Leaf.

It was a heart breaking moment May 2013; Nosey’s age had finally caught up to him. He was almost 18 years old and for a toy poodle that is almost unheard of. He passed away and if it wasn’t for Amanda and Five Leaf he never would have had the 10 years of quality of life.

I absolutely would recommend Five Leaf, Amanda and everything that she has to offer for any pet.

I hope everyone has the best of luck that we have had and a huge THANKS TO AMANDA AND FIVE LEAF.

Jean Fitzpatrick
Radcliff, KY*
Nosey Nick’s Veterinarian: Dr. Nall/Etown Animal Hospital**

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**This does not necessarily imply that Dr. Nall/Etown Animal Hospital recommends or endorses our products.


Bob Barker


Our 7 year old Goldendoodle, Bob Barker, started getting sick late September. He was very weak, wasn’t interested in food, and was having accidents. We took him to the vet where he was diagnosed with Lyme Nephritis which is basically kidney failure. The vet sent us away with little to no direction other than to eat a prescription food and take a couple pills twice a day. About a week into his diet we were not seeing results we hoped for so we turned to the Internet and found Five Leaf. We purchased the kidney program and within a couple days we noticed a major improvement in him. It was almost like we got our old dog back!

Granted, we did loose Barker on 1/1/15, but after what the Vet told us and what we have read, getting 3 extra months out of our dog was a rare thing and we accredit this to the kidney plan we followed from Five Leaf. No, we cannot prove it but in our hearts, we feel that by giving him those simple drops every day it helped us enjoy our dog that extra time before we had to say goodbye. We will be forever grateful for that!

Chris Smith
Freeport, PA*
Bob Barker’s Veterinarian: Dr. Purvis**

*Results shared in reviews are not typical; your results may vary.
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One year ago in September 2013 my 8 year old shitzu Bodie started acting funny. He seemed to have neck pain and had stopped eating and was just not himself. I took him to the vet and for several days we ran tests trying to figure out what was wrong with him. He had been to the vet in August and his blood work was normal so in the beginning we weren’t running that. 2 weeks or so passed and he wasn’t getting any better, we had him on antibiotics, 2 doses of muscle relaxers and I was watching my baby melt away from me. We finally did blood work, and I remember the floor falling out from under me. When the blood work came back he was diagnosed as being in full kidney failure. His BUN was 95 and his Creatinine was 7.9. I was shocked. We did fluids every day for 2 weeks and I was sent home with a dismal prognosis. I was given a special diet for him and the chances of him making it to Christmas was unheard of. I took him to a second vet who did X-rays and confirmed that my baby had shrivelled to no kidneys and again I was told he had less than a month to live. After the shock calmed down, I started researching and praying. I put him on the soft kidney food, I agreed to Azodyl and Epakitin from the Vet, I added veggies and fruits to his diet. He started feeling better and I started to feel hope. I found Canine Kidney Health and started Bodie on the blood and Rena drops. He has been on them for a year now. Well I am happy to report it has been a year, and yesterday we received the most incredible news ever. ALL of Bodie’s bloodwork is back to normal. His BUN is at 20 and his creatinine is at 2. I give thanks to many people for this miracle, for all the prayers of healing, for my vet who understood my search for natural products and for the grace of God leading me to your site and product! I read the stories on here and never thought I would be posting a success story about my baby boy! We will be celebrating his 9th birthday on Christmas!!! Thank you with all my heart!!!!

Tamara Duran
Robins, IA*
Bodie’s Veterinarian: Dr. Kathy Ross**

*Results shared in reviews are not typical; your results may vary.
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I’m not that great in English but will try to put a story together as best as I can!

My dogs name is Luna, and according to the tests done back in 2012 in May, she suppose to be gone from my life by the end of 2012! Words can’t explain how I felt hearing the verdict from the Vet! I took Luna to the hospital for ultrasound just to double check on some type of the growth she had in her groin area that was x- rayed at her regular vet office, but left the hospital heart broken! Yes there was a good news about that growth- it was not a hernia but simple fat pocket! But… The vet gave me another news which was crushing my heart. While doing ultrasound she saw there was something wrong with the way Luna’s kidney looked, so I agree to full ultrasound of them. Minutes later I got this horrible news- her kidney looked like on the dog who’s 15 years old! Couldn’t understand much of these big medical words and terminology! What had gone to my head was how is this possible?!?! Luna was just 1.5 years old! What have I done to kill my puppy!!! God only knows how I got back home driving and crying and wiping my tears. Blaming my self for all this! I was told she has 3-6 months of a life and after all test were done that day she was given a RX for medication and special food.

Going little bit back before all this hit me at the face I will tell you briefly that after Luna was spayed at 9 month of her age I noticed she started to drink more water then usually. Took her to the vet just to hear ” don’t worry mama” she’s fine and just don’t give all the water she wants. Keep it under control. I tried … And poor Luna would beg me for water so I kept the dish full and just keep changing and washing her bed because every nap she took she would get up being wet. Took her back to vet and was told again its probably nothing and that some dogs get like that after being spayed. O well … Then this growth came on Luna’s groin area and I just decided to go and see different Vet and I did. This is how I end up with Luna in hospital for ultrasound when I was sent right away by the new doctor! You can’t even imagine how many kisses and hugs I gave Luna that day!!! Crying and apologizing to her for the pain she was going through. Spent all night searching on line on kidney failure in dogs, what to do and how I can make her live longer. Then I came across this website and read all reviews. Placed the order as well for cleansing and greens. Couldn’t wait for morning to come so I can call and talk to someone. Got the answer machine. Left message. What a surprise when after work while having dinner phone rang. Saw some out of area numbers so I answered. It was AMANDA her self!!!!! Through my tears with broken English I told her everything! Amanda — you are a woman with the biggest heart and passion for your clients and especially for our furry friends!!!You made me believe that Luna will live and gave me so many instructions! We will always be grateful to you! After over an hour on the phone I started to believe Luna is gonna be fine! Went to the organic store, got all I needed to prepare the food. Then next day I received all supplements and since then Luna loves the food and doing great. At first her Vet at the hospital who is a specialist for kidney failure needed to see Luna every month to run blood and urine tests. She was telling me ” Luna is doing better” I didn’t ask her for numbers in bun and creatinine levels because I didn’t knew much about it. In about 3 months while at follow up visit she said that she’s gonna give me a script for more can food and I told her I only used 2 cans out of 48 I bought! OMG you should have seen look on her face!! She was like” are you feeding Luna regular food? Are you trying to kill her sooner? When I told her what am I doing she didn’t want to hear about it. She just said “I hope you realize that Luna’s conditions required a special diet ” and ask me to come back in one month. So I did … It was still 2012. Same tests, good results and words see you in 3 months. At the next visit doctor her self asked me If I have brochure from Five Leaf Pharmacy with me and I handed her one. She looked trough it and said she can sent me to homeopathic specialist right in the Hospital and for a fee of 50 dollars I could download the recipes for home made food, but I thank her because I didn’t needed! I have you Amanda and Five Leaf Pharmacy to be loyal to!!

At the last visit in March 2014 I was told Luna’s results are marvelous and what ever I do and feed Luna with to keep doing it! Her ursine protein/creatinine ratio was 0.3. And bun in blood work is 30 and creatinine 0.6 mg/dl! Ratio bun/ creatinine I’m not sure if its .62 or 62 since the copy of the blood test was faxed to me and can’t see it well that part.

Bottom line is that my beautiful Luna is active and happy! has great appetite and loves the raw food I make for her as well as her favorite snacks of dehydrated green tripes I get from green tripe .com Thank you again from bottom of my heart for saving Luna’s life and I’m looking forward to more to come!

Anna Kolano
Wallington, NJ*
Luna’s Veterinarian: Dr Debra Hall**

*Results shared in reviews are not typical; your results may vary.
**This does not necessarily imply that Dr Debra Hall recommends or endorses our products.


Benji Stavros


Around Thanksgiving 2013 we noticed that Benji seemed to be coughing a lot. We took him to vet who diagnosed him with an upper respiratory infection. We put him on steroids and antibiotics for a couple weeks and we noticed that his cough didn’t get better, per se, but it did change. So we took him back to the vet and ran some tests and it was determined that he was in the early stages of Chronic Heart Failure and had started to develop fluid in his lungs. So we decided to try him out on some Lasix to remove the fluid. Well within a couple days he was in full blown renal failure. It was to the point that by the time we got him back to the vet they were pretty much telling us we would probably have to put him down.

Now I do have to give my vet credit, he did not want to give up that easily and suggested that we try keeping him there and giving him IV fluids for a couple days. well this did the trick and we were able to bring him how a couple days later. But it wasn’t long after that that we started to see him declining again. so we took him back, they kept him overnight again and gave him more fluids. When I picked him up the next day we were told that we would need to give him IV fluids subcutaneously every couple days. So we did. and in the mean time, I started doing some research online to see what I could do for him.

That’s when I found Five Leaf. Now I will say this, I was a little skeptical at first, especially because every vet I spoke to about it, including the holistic ones, had never heard of it. But I took a chance and order the Kidney Health starter kit. Well let me tell you, THIS STUFF WORKS! just after the first week, we started to notice a chance in Benji. We did three back to back rounds of the meds and his kidneys are doing fantastic! It is hard to believe that we almost put him down 6 months ago.

And now that we have his kidneys in order, we will be purchasing theHeart Health meds to help his heart and really get him back in shape!

Thank you Five Leaf for giving us our dog back!

Rachael Stavros
Winston Salem, NC*
Benji’s Veterinarian: Animal Ark Veterinary Hospital**

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Bryn is my 13,5 year old border collie who lives with me and my other 2 collies in Wales, UK. The photo was taken recently.

A year ago Bryn was a very sick dog. He was suffering badly with arthritis and struggled even on short walks. The vet had prescribed Carprodyl painkillers (I understand this is the same product as Rimadyl) but they did not seem to be helping much, rather his general state of health was worsening. He was drinking a lot and started to become very incontinent, his bedding was often soaked in the morning and things got so bad I even tried using dog diapers. He was lethargic and nothing like the active happy dog he used to be.

He went back to the vet for an X-ray on his arthritic leg but the vet phoned to tell me that they had not gone ahead with the X-ray because his blood test showed that he had kidney failure. The vet subsequently changed his tablets, I researched the internet and found that the painkillers previously prescribed could cause kidney damage! The vet said the condition was probably pre-existing but the increased drinking and incontinence only started after Bryn had been on the tablets. The vet then told me that Bryn must be kept on a low protein diet and ordered some dog food for me which was specially formulated for dogs with kidney failure, saying that he must stay on this diet for the rest of his life.

The dog food arrived. It was very expensive. This would be OK if it worked but I read the ingredient list on the pack and was not impressed. There did not seem to be anything special about the ingredients at all and the sugar content appeared too high. Furthermore I was puzzled as to why this dog food was available in both tinned and dry kibble form. Surely feeding dry kibble to a dog with kidney failure could not be a good idea?

I had a very sick dog, his condition may have been caused by a drug prescribed by his vet to treat another ailment, and now the vet wanted me to feed him a dog food which I considered to be of dubious quality, inappropriate and highly overpriced. That was enough! I resolved to investigate other treatments and more appropriate diets, I also requested a referral to see another vet.

Internet research led me to Canine Kidney Health and I took Bryn to our new vet, Barbara Jones at Oakwood Veterinary Centre near Oswestry (we no longer use the other vet). This is a holistic practise and Barbara was very interested to know about Canine Kidney Health, she remarked that she would not be able to obtain many of the herbs used in the formulations in the UK and said it would certainly be worth trying. I had a long telephone conversation with Amanda who was extremely helpful (and she returned my international call) and an order was placed.


As regards Bryn’s arthritis Barbara cautioned against using painkillers in view of Bryn’s kidney condition but instead commenced a course of acupuncture. We also discussed diet and we agreed that a quality protein raw food diet would be best (what a refreshing change to the advice given by the other vet), Barbara recommended ’’Honeys Real Dog Food’’.

She contacted Honeys’ own veterinary advisor who recommended that for dogs with kidney disease hot water should be added to make a sort of stew. Honeys meat is free range or wild and not factory farmed, and locally sourced, organic ingredients are often used. The diet consists of a mixture of meat, ground bone and vegetables. For Bryn I add extra vegetables or fruit (such as blueberries). I should also mention that all my dogs’ water is now filtered.

So the action plan was in place – Canine Kidney Health herbal treatment, a high quality raw diet and acupuncture to treat the arthritis. I placed my order with Amanda on a Friday and the parcel duly arrived from across the Atlantic the next Monday! Sadly Bryn suffered a stroke the next day and was an extremely sick dog. I had to delay the treatment and the new diet also went on the back burner, getting him to eat anything for the first 2 weeks was a struggle and for the first week I even had to use a syringe to give him water. I suspect that all he had been through in the previous months may have been a contributory factor in him having the stroke.

Six weeks later Bryn was much improved and eating normally so I began the course of treatment. Bryn had 2 three week cycles plus a further 2 week ’top up’ in the Fall. Of course he also had his dog greens, as he still does on a daily basis, and continues to enjoy his Honeys. And what an improvement! The results of his blood and urine tests are remarkable, so much so that Barbara remarked that she had never seen such an improvement in a dog with kidney disease (the previous vet had said that dogs with this disease do not improve and I should only expect a gradual deterioration).

On 6/6/13 the Urea showed 25 (which is 70 on the US scale), on 10/29/13 it was down to 19.1 (US = 53.5)
Creatinine was 253 (US equivalent = 2.86) on 6/6/13, down to 128 (US = 1.44) on 10/29/13.

Bryn is now drinking normally and is no longer incontinent. He enjoys his food and his walks, often up to 5 miles. He no longer needs painkillers for his arthritis, thanks to the acupuncture and Yumove joint supplements, he also has a daily dose of pressed salmon oil.

A month before Christmas Bryn did suffer another stroke which caused him to go blind. Thankfully he has recovered and has regained some of his sight. In fact he recovered much more quickly than he did when he had his first stroke and I think that the overall improvement in his health is the reason for this. He had a great time opening his Christmas presents and I am so glad to see him enjoying his walks again in the Welsh hills.

I really can’t thank Amanda enough, this treatment does work. Thanks as well to

Barbara at Oakwood Veterinary Centre and to Honeys Real Dog Food!

Bryn – testimonial follow up, dated 9/19/14

It is now over 18 months since Bryn was diagnosed with kidney failure and over a year since I started him on his Canine Kidney Health programme. I am pleased to say that, at the age of 14, he is still doing very well. I continue to treat him with the herb cycles from time to time and will shortly be giving him a Fall top up.

Bryn was last blood tested on 7/22/14 when Urea was 14.4 and Creatine 195. Creatine has crept up but is still well below the highest reading of 253 on 6/6/13 whereas the Urea is well down on the reading of 25 on 6/6/13. Bryn still has the occasional acupuncture treatment and he has also benefited from massage by the very able Helen Clarke of 3 Counties Canine Massage

Three weeks ago I entered Bryn in the veteran class in the dog show at the Llanfair Show in Mid Wales, and he won! Here is a photo of him showing off his rosettes. Despite his advancing years and failing eyesight Bryn looks so much happier and healthier than he did before he started his herbal treatment so if anyone reading this is still undecided about treating their dogs with Amanda’s remedies please give it a try – it certainly worked for Bryn!

Update November 29, 2015


A quick update to let you know that Bryn is still going strong at the age of 15 – thanks to your herbs, acupuncture and a quality raw meat diet. His sight has nearly gone but he still loves his toys, his food and short walks. The photo was taken 2 months ago, Bryn is on the left, with Seren and Sam.

Bryn has been on your herbal remedy for 2 and half years now, I really can’t praise you and your products enough, I am sure that without your herbs I would have lost him a long time ago.

Thank you so much and keep up the good work! We all wish you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Best wishes,
Steve Boyd, Bryn, Sam and Seren
Oswestry, UK*
Bryn’s Veterinarian: Dr. Barbara Jones, Oakwood Veterinary Centre**

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**This does not necessarily imply that Dr. Barbara Jones, Oakwood Veterinary Centre recommends or endorses our products.


Spanky Mazziotti


Spanky, my 11 y/o mini schnauzer has suffered most of his life with chronic liver disease, Irritable bowel disease, skin conditions, and now chronic kidney disease. His lab values were very high (Alk Phos = 280, Bun/Creat Ratio = 36, Cholesterol = 434 Triglycerides = 638) His urinalysis was even more frightening! (3+ proteinurea & a protein:creatinine ratio of 4.4). His Mean Arterial Pressure (MAP) was 180 and he had ballooned up to 27.8 lbs! He was not yet presenting with any serious symptoms except for drinking a lot of water, but I knew something had to be done. My vet began to name several prescriptions drugs & diets he would put Spanky on, but I was wary of putting him on anything without trying to help him naturopathically first. I work in healthcare & I am studying to be a physician. I know many drugs are nephrotoxic & hepatotoxic. They relieve the symptoms but do not treat the cause of the dysfunction, eventually leading to the animal’s decline. I knew the kidney diets were processed dog food which I absolutely refused to feed him. He had been eating a 5 star dog food & if that wasn’t good for him, how could a processed kidney diet be any help? I frantically scoured the internet for an alternative treatment & diet & then I found Five Leaf. I called Amanda immediately & although she had just lost one of her own dogs after a very long healthy life, she called me back right away.
She explained the program, answered all my questions & concerns & suggested one of her heart tinctures for Spanky’s blood pressure. We talked for 45 minutes & I felt so confident that this was the right thing to do, I ordered her products the second I hung up the phone.
Within 3 days I had transitioned Spanky onto a raw organic diet using her plan and began him on the treatment program. Within a week his skin problems were resolving, & his stool was firm for the first time in his life! I waited until he finished the full 9 weeks before I rechecked his labs. My vet says his jaw hit the floor several times after seeing Spanky’s results. [Alk Phos = 151, BUN/Creat Ratio = 28.8, Cholesterol = 312, Triglycerides = 130, 1+ proteinurea, Protein:Creatinine ratio = 2.7, MAP = 117, and Spanky weighed 22 lbs]
My vet said that he couldn’t even recommend any prescription drugs because Spanky no longer met the criteria. I can’t thank you enough Amanda. Spanky is all I have in the world & there is nothing I wouldn’t do for him. He is so happy & healthy because of your products & I will continue to use them for the rest of his life. I will also send you a document of lab results I compiled to show his before & after transition. Anyone that is skeptical about naturopathy, DO NOT pass up this opportunity to supplement whatever medication your pet is on with these amazing tinctures & diet. If you are as lucky as I am to have caught the problems early on, PLEASE try these products, follow the program & be amazed at the results, they WILL HELP. Thank you
Amanda & Five Leaf for the many healthy years I know you have given back to my little angel.


This is a supplementary document to add to my review of your products for my 11 y/o mini schnauzer Spanky. Please include this on your site.
Most of your customers have dogs that are very sick & who are already on prescription drugs. Spanky’s results are due entirely to your products & diet. Absolutely NO prescription drugs were used during his treatment. You are truly doing God’s work for these animals. I tell everyone about your products & my vet has even consulted with me on other patients with CKD. I just refer him to your website. Spanky & I would love to give you a great big hug, but the best we can do is try to provide awareness about your products & their amazing success.
Thank you so very much for all you do.

Update 05/28/2014

I am writing a 2nd review as an update. I am so happy to say that after using ONLY your products (NO prescription medications were used during, before or after treatment) since 11/2013 for Spanky’s moderate CKD, he has gone from leaking 3+ proteins to leaking TRACE proteins!!!!! He was previously obese at 28.6 lbs & is now at a healthy and steady 21.1 lbs. His bloodwork is completely normal. He is healthier at 11 yrs old than he ever was. My vet is recommending this program to other patients citing the success he has witnessed with Spanky. I want everyone to know that it is never too early or too late to start using these products when your dog has CKD. I know that you have given me many more years with my baby & for that I am eternally grateful.


I just want to express my gratitude for giving my mini schnauzer, Spanky, an extra 2 years of quality life. He passed in October of lung cancer, but without your products I would have lost him to kidney & liver disease long before that. I am now the proud mommy of two mini schnauzer pups, Joseph & Mia, who enjoy your dog greens everyday. They both had some skin problems, but when i started them on the dog greens, everything cleared up. I recommend your program to everyone. I will continue to use your products for as long as I have dogs to give them to! Thank you!!!

Maria Mazziotti
East Meadow, NY*
Spanky’s Veterinarian: Dr. Jason Mansfield**

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Robert & Suze


Dear animal lovers,

A few years ago, my beloved adopted dog Suze (pronounced “Susie” –Black lab and Border Collie mix) of 13 years suddenly fell extremely ill. She could not move out of bed nor eat or drink. Worried sick and crying, I consulted various vet opinions and drove her all over my metro area of Cleveland, Ohio for help. This was such a lonely time as I was also taking care of my elderly and ill Mother–virtually alone. The prices for tests were astronomical and I could not afford it. So, I chose to do what was absolutely necessary to find out what was wrong with Suze.

It was guessed/diagnosed to be a kidney related issue, perhaps a failure or the beginnings–and one vet said “well…maybe its time”. After learning what the implications of this was, naturally, I was devastated. I did not know if I could be able to do all the life prolonging measures prescribed. But, nonetheless, I was ready and was not going to give up on her as she had been healthy her whole life. I then thought to myself that perhaps this was mis-diagnosed eventhough she had all the symptoms. I have taken immaculate care of her for years, had her on a raw and super healthy diet, gave her plenty of love and exercise and so I wanted to be sure.

I consulted a holistic vet and she too thought this could be a red flag for kidney issues. She also discovered that Suze had a severe urinary tract infection to boot. And let me say this folks, make sure if your dog is going through this you get that under control because it can and in itself spell the worst for your friend.

Moving on, I searched for alternative treatments. I knew Suze was still with such a will to live–and in some ways–believe she knew I needed her. I discovered Five Leaf via web searches and read all about the body cleanse and detox. I talked with Amanda who was extremely helpful and decided to use the power of plants to rid the infections and cleanse the filters of the body, the liver and kidneys.

This product had Suze perking up little by little. I followed other recommendations in the booklet that comes with the treatment such as the hydro-therapy. Suze continued to just get better and after a few weeks, she had been more perky than I had seen her be in a long time! She got to a point where she was running around the house like a puppy–especially after the water treatment! I took her to the park many times and she was running like a deer. To me, it felt like a miracle and this amazing improvement in her health was totally touching and life changing for me. I will never ever take another day for granted that she will always be here.

Please understand that I am not trying to give anyone false hope or guaranteeing anything…..Rather, I am just sharing my experiences with dealing with Suze’s sudden illness and trying to offer some advice and ideas that could possibly help others. At the end of the day, the decisions are yours. I suggest that you get an accurate diagnosis if your baby ever goes into this direction. But, I also know from experience that traditional vet treatments are not a guarantee either and can cost thousands and have negative side effects. I do believe that if you want what could be considered as close to the truth as you can get in such a situation, that you need to seek and find as it will not come to you via the industrial pet pharmaceutical complex which is exclusive obscene profit driven.

I did some research myself as to the powerful cleansing properties of the ingredients in the tonics that Five Leaf offers and sure enough, when used in the proper amounts, they can achieve amazing results in cleansing the kidneys and liver. It was also clear that when you see these products, that they are of the utmost quality. I again want to mention how kind, caring and helpful Amanda was and still is. Clearly she is first and foremost motivated by happy endings and customers than the bottom line. That is a rare find these days in a world of commerce.

It has been 3 years since Suze first fell ill. At 16, nearly 17, going on 10….she is still on the treatment as a regular maintenance. I do believe this was a big part of her recovery. Results may also vary as to how well you cared for your pet in the first place and what kind of diet and environment you provide them. Exposure to lawn chemicals, cigarette smoke, and poor diet with little exercise all work against your dog in the first place.

If you are going through a similar situation, I would strongly suggest doing what I suggest above and trying this product to supplement other prescribed treatment in the program. Try and listen to people who know about this treatment and who have success with it. Not those who will poo poo something they have not tried or know nothing about–or is in an arena of a type of medicine in which they are completely void of knowledge or education.

I will conclude by saying…. Stick with this and also keep your moods up as dogs can literally smell fear and worry…. I have the greatest compassion for anyone facing the above and wish them the best. I hope this story will help others and I hope it will also spread the word about a fantastic product. Maybe this can help save your friend’s life or at least add more years. I really Hope this story helps… Oh, and by the way, I have to stop now as I must go and pay Suze some attention!

Robert Carillio
Cleveland, Ohio*

*Results shared in reviews are not typical; your results may vary.




Hello Amanda,
We used your product for 3 weeks then took our 2 year 4 month Chihuahua Shelby back for blood work and now her B.U.N. is 21 -vrs- 180 ! and to think the vet wanted to put her to sleep 3 weeks ago.

Michelle Chieffalo
Strongsville, OH*
Shelby’s Veterinarian: Medina Vet**

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Rupert Parsons


We were just finishing a long walk in what was turning out to be a hot, humid Dallas morning. I turned around and saw my 11 yr old Springer Spaniel, Rupert, overcome with heat. I had heard about heat stroke so scooped him up and carried him home. We soaked him in the tub to cool him down while I called the vet for next steps. This was the beginning of a 3-week odyssey of emergency room visits, IV’s, fatally high bloodwork results indicating severe kidney issues, MRI and x-rays, specialists and finally a diagnosis.

While he had never displayed ANY signs of health issues, Rupert was diagnosed with chronic kidney failure in its end stages with estimated 20-25% kidney function. His prognosis was 1-3 months maximum with an expected low quality of life. We were devastated.

I got on the Internet like so many of us do to read everything I could find and came across this site ( After reading the testimonials, I ordered the kidney health kit with immediate delivery. We started Rupert on the regimen. Had to put the greens into a vet syringe mixed with baby food in order for him to eat at first since he was so weak. Within 3 days, EVERY count was back down to normal. His energy level and appetite returned and he was back to his old self. He wasn’t cured but his discomfort and weakness was gone.

I will tell you that I am the biggest skeptic on the planet and would not have believed it if I hadn’t lived it myself. The vets were shocked – I had to comment that the vets we initially worked with were disappointingly not curious to expand their knowledge and open their minds to nutraceuticals despite seeing Rupert’s dramatic results. This is sad to me because I’d like to trust our vets to be informed and open-minded for all treatment protocol that helps our beloved friends. But, I digress…

We continued the kidney health regimen and continued to feed him his Nature’s Variety Chicken or Beef raw patties daily. We also administered at home the subcutaneous fluid treatments (500 ml of IV fluid between his shoulder blades twice per day).

Needless to say, I highly recommend this product for your babies with kidney issues.

Heather Parsons
Parker, CO*
Rupert’s Veterinarian: Dr. Shawn Messonier**

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Rudy Karras


During the last week of this past December (2012), Rudy, our 18-year-old Jack Russell Terrier, was diagnosed with kidney failure. Two veterinarians shared the same grim opinion; our best option was to put her down. Naturally, my husband and I were devastated. Before taking such drastic action, however, we decided that we would take the weekend to explore other options. That’s when I remembered I had received some literature from Five Leaf regarding their natural healing products that had been included with a shipment I received for another item. Before receiving the herbal treatments, she had no appetite (neither eating nor drinking), barely moved and rarely went to the bathroom due to her bad kidneys. Her recovery, after receiving Pet Leaf’s herbal tinctures and greens, was nearly immediate and nothing short of miraculous. Within 24 hours, her appetite came back in a big way. Her activity levels also returned to normal and then some. She loves to take lengthy walks around the yard and inside the house. Likewise, her bathroom functions returned to normal as well. Our veterinarian was stunned and, at every routine follow-up visit, brings other vets into the room to tell them about Rudy’s extraordinary recovery. Thank you Five Leaf–we wouldn’t have Rudy today without you!

Renee Karras
Valparaiso, IN*
Rudy’s Veterinarian: Dr. McAfee**

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Update 06/05/2013

This is actually an update to our early review submitted last August. It is now June 2013 and Anya is still alive and well thanks to the continued use of the Five Leaf program! It has been almost a year since her diagnosis! Thank you again for developing this product!
This is something everyone should try before making any decisions they would regret.


The day after her twin sister passed, Anya (14 1/2 years old) was diagnosed with kidney failure. (Her creatinine level was 7.2.) Imagine our horror at thinking we would loose both of our beloved shelties at once! Immediately I went on-line and began a search for a solution.
After reading all the amazing testimonials and saying lots of prayers, I ordered the program. Anya stayed at the veterinarian’s for 2 days and received IV fluids and her creatinine level dropped to 4.2 which gave us even more hope. Once she came home, we immediately began the program. For the first several weeks we had to feed her babyfood and other soft foods with a syringe as she would not eat on her own. But we just kept gently talking to her while we did her therapy 4 times a day and by week three she began eating on her own. We knew the program must be working because our doctor told us that she would probably not eat well until her creatinine level got into the low 3’s or 2’s. We finished the first three weeks and immediately began the program again and continued to see improvement in her appetite and energy levels.

She is now running to the door for walks which is something she has not done for over a year! We just got back from the vet’s today and her creatinine level is down to 2.6! The vet was very surprised and almost speechless! We are going to do another round of the program again for the 3rd time and she if she shows even more improvement. I can’t thank Amanda enough for developing something that has blessed our family with more time with Anya. The vet had originally told us to enjoy her for a couple more days and it has been almost a month and a half! Anya is acting more youthful than ever. If you believe in herbal remedies than you should try this one! It has honestly made a huge difference in all our lives! God bless!

Kim Clair
Shawnee, KS*
Anya’s Veterinarian: Dr. Doug Broderius**

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In December our little baby got ill and was diagnosed with cronic renal failure. She was given a two day drip and steroid treatment, and KD diet dogfood and sent home. After a week we returned her to the vet for checkup but they said her blood levels was really poor and we should consider quality over quantity of life and just let her go… we then found Five leaf pet meds, immediately ordered and started with the Hydrotherapy and diet while awaiting the meds to be shipped to South Africa. we just completed the three week therapy and are so happy with the results as our baby has so much life, she actually begs for her food now, and we are so thankful to God and Five Leaf Pet for taking the time and effort assiting us in taking care of our beloved pets. Thank you guys, I will be sure to refer these to everyone I know.

Janet Short
Wilropark Roodepoort
Gauteng, South Africa*

*Results shared in reviews are not typical; your results may vary.




It has been a lousy year. In the spring we nearly lost our Flame to a septic abdomen and then, our Jet was diagnosed with histiocytic sarcoma. Jet was given a horrible prognosis and that was the beginning of our investigation of alternative medicine. You see, I am a retired veterinary nursing supervisor in a teaching veterinary school. I was there for 34 years. So, my background is in traditional medicine. In addition, we are professional dog trainers and own a ridiculous number of flat coated retrievers. All of our dogs are beloved family members.

As we were dealing with Jet’s cancer, our 10 month old dog, Shade, went into acute renal failure due to 2 doses of an NSAID. As scary as it was, each day his BUN went down. He was out of the ICU unit in 7 days and left the hospital with normal kidney function. We had nearly ordered the Five Leaf Kidney Products for Shade but it was not needed.

Two days later, Flyer went into acute renal failure. His story was not as positive. Flyer’s BUN and creatinine continued to rise for days as the doctors continued to paint a bleaker picture for us each day. Flyer stopped eating and began to retain fluid. His creatinine rose to 11. The swelling was horrible. Our dog was so sick and there were no answers as to why. Each day we would visit with food we had prepared in the hopes of tempting him. Finally, he showed some interest and he began to improve from that day on. Ten days and over $5000.00 later, Flyer walked out of the hospital alive but not well. His creatinine was 2.2 when he left. Now,I know this is not as high as many of the pets we have read about on this website but it was too high for us. By the time his creatinine was checked again, it had gone up to 2.4. We were informed that it would never get better. The kidney damage was permanent. This was not something we wanted to take lying down since we know about the progression of renal failure. Flyer is 7 years old.
How would his life be if he continued to worsen over time (which is usually what happens). We order the “kit” from Five Leaf. As soon as it arrived, we started Flyer on the prescribed doses and added the greens to his food. We decided on the Five Leaf after we did a ton of research that we had done when Shade was sick. Based on our research, this program made the most sense. We were also impressed
with the information available on the website. Much of the info was given away freely. We liked the fact that the ingredients are included on each of the products. We want to know what we are giving our dogs.
The Dog Greens smell so good that I thought about taking some myself. Last week, Flyer went in for a very minor mass removal. However, with his history, the doctors wanted to see what Flyer’s creatinine was. To their surprise, it was 1.2. On Flyer’s discharge instructions the creatinine value was listed with an exclamation point behind it. In 34 years that was the first time I have seen that level of surprise. The doctors were clearly stunned and delighted. I told them that we were doing some alternative stuff and they said to keep on doing whatever we were doing because it was clearly working. Thank you, Amanda, for your commitment to our pets. As dog professionals, we always put the dogs in our care before making money. We do it because we love it. It is clear to me that you feel the same way

Andrea Holsinger

Winterville, Georgia*

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Sleepy Coleman


I am writing to thank you for developing a medicine that gave me a precious extra year with my beloved dog. Sleepy was my constant companion, ever since I was a young child. In 2011, I was called to deploy to Afghanistan and left him in my Mom’s care. In September of 2011, I received some very grave news. Sleepy was nineteen years old when he was diagnosed with kidney failure. He went down from 23 to 10 pounds in a few short weeks. He refused to eat, and had to almost be force fed. I was due to come home in November, and the vet’s only hope was that he stayed alive until I returned home. It was very grim. I immediately began to research kidney disease and came across your site. From Afghanistan, in complete faith I ordered your kidney medicine and sent them to my mother’s house. The vet agreed to use the herbal supplements, because he felt that at this point, anything was worth trying.

When I came home in November 2011, Sleepy was still sick, but stable. Through consistent care with the supplements, in conjunction with a loving vet, hydrotherapy, subcutaneous fluids, and homemade dog food mixed with aluminum hydroxide, Sleepy began to turn around. Over the next few months, he made leaps and bounds, regaining over five pounds. I continued to cycle his herbal treatments over and over. He was a very happy dog. He had a few set backs where he had to spend a few days at the vet, but those were few and far between. At his best test in October 2012, his Phosphorus was normal, his creatinine went down to 2.5. He was a happy dog, full of life, who loved to go outside, and devoured his food at mealtime. I truly believe that because of the medicine that we received from Five Leaf, Sleepy was able to enjoy life for another full year. A quality life.

Sleepy was such a fighter until one day, he suddenly began to let go. On 20 November 2012, Sleepy fell very ill and rapidly declined. Due to complications from masses that had developed on other organs, I made the heart-wrenching decision to euthanize Sleepy on 22 November 2012. It was the hardest decision of my life, but he was suffering and had fought so much. I knew by looking in his eyes that it was time to let him go.

Though I continue to grieve about this loss, I am so thankful for the many many extra days that my precious dog had on this earth. I am grateful to your company because I truly believe that without it he would have been gone in 2011. He would have been gone before I returned home from Afghanistan. Thank you so much for giving pets another chance. My heart is heavy, but because of your company, I have a whole year of wonderful, full, happy memories with Sleepy that I would have never had. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I will make sure to spread the word to other loving pet owners so that they can receive the great gift that I have… time. Precious time. I am mainly writing this testimonial to encourage those dog owners who think that their dogs are too old to save…. just remember it is always worth a shot. Sleepy was barely 19 when he fell ill and responded well to the supplements. He hated the taste, but it was so evident that it gave him such a better quality of life. He died at a very full 20 years and two months of age. Though I had no idea if it would work, I took a chance on Five Leaf, and I will forever be glad that I did. Sleepy Coleman 9/3/1992 – 11/21/2012.

Nia Coleman

Upper Marlboro, MD*

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Dear Amanda. We were on a three week holiday when our Sandy got diagnosed with kidney failure. Our dog sitter knew to take her to her Vet and they had started treatments with IV, Fluid injections and Medication and each set of blood tests got worse. As soon as we got home I started surfing online for alternative treatments as well, and that’s when I found your site. I emailed you immediately for advice, although I really wasn’t optimistic that I would receive a reply. Not only did you get back to me, you have continued to give us advice and support throughout her treatment. I immediately ordered your Kidney Treatment and put her on the special diet you recommended. Initially Sandy’s Vet was worried about her blood count getting worse, not better. He said he would be very happy if we could control it with giving her the Fluid shots daily and if that was proven necessary he would teach us how to do it at home. I really wanted to find a way to cure her kidney problem, not control the problem. Fortunately our Vet is open minded about my Alternative Health choices and he agreed for us to use your Kidney Remedy and special low protein diet. About half way through the 3 week program, we started to see the improvement and our Vet asked for a copy of your Special Diet recommendations and he is now having someone make special recipes for people who don’t want to make their own dog food. I also printed off the information on your site for him. It has been more than two months since this saga began.
Sandy’s blood count is now in line and she went from daily injections, to three times a week, to once a week, and now we will wait a month and get the blood tests again to see if she is out of the danger zone and no longer needing the fluids and medication. As per your recommendations, now that she has finished your Kidney treatment, we will keep her on the Dog Greens supplements forever as they are rich in vitamins and minerals and will help support her health ongoing.
Amanda, I cannot thank you enough for your sincere caring. I am most thankful that you have developed these wonderful natural remedies and I will continue to give your website to all our friends whose dogs have issues. Muchas Gracias

Marie Dwyer-Bullock

San Antonio, Jalisco, Mexico*

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We had two dogs pass away from Kidney Disease / Renal Failure many years ago. The vets recommended a KD dog food (low protein diet), IV fluids under the skin, and meds. Both dogs died within 3-5 months after starting the treatment.

Our latest and greatest 12 year old dog, Moab, was also diagnosed with Kidney Disease. Moab was given 5 months to live. The vet recommended a KD dog food, IVs, and meds just as expected. This time, we decided to disregard our vet’s advice (not normally recommended) in lieu of trying something else. It was a risk that we were willing to take.

After weeks of online research and reading vet books, we came to one simple conclusion – change Moab’s diet. Could our high priced, “top-of-the-line” dog food be the problem?

We decided to follow Five Leaf’s suggested meal plan. After a few weeks of homemade meals and Dog Greens we started to see a huge increase in Moab’s energy levels. After 4-5 months of homemade meals, his BUN/Creatnine numbers were back in normal range!

It has been a year and a half since Moab was diagnosed with Kidney Disease and his BUN/Creatnine numbers are still in normal range. (=

Moab has more energy than ever and routinely hikes miles on end with us in the mountains of Colorado. It’s back to tail chasing and playing in the snow!

Thank you Five Leaf for helping us save our beloved dog.

For those of you who are interested…. Moab’s diet consists of brown rice, sweet potatoes, carrots, celery, green beans, chicken, hard boiled eggs or tofu, Tums (for calcium), Flax seed oil, and Dog Greens (vitamins). Yogurt for a snack. His current protein intake is around 18% (high BV proteins) which we are raising slowly to a target of 20-24%. His diet has 1.2 part calcium to 1 part phosphorus. We try to keep the carb to protein ratio around 2:1 or 3:1. Total calories are 1560. Moab is 12 years old, 55 lbs, and is active.

Mary & Rod

Longmont, Colorado*

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I wanted to thank you, for your amazing product. We had a routine blood check in December 2011 and discovered that my dog Willie, a shih tzu who was just turned 15, had kidney failure. His blood test showed his creatinine level at 236 [equal to 2.67 in US values].

The vet suggested that I put him on their medication and begin to feed him their special food for kidney failure. I do not like to use chemical medication, and I believed their food would not help him, because it is not anything close to organic and is very processed. So I did my research and found your company. I began home preparing all his food, organic, specifically low protein to support his kidneys. I purchased your cleanse and did it twice. First for the 21 days, then a two week break, and then another 21 days.

When we went to the vet recently to check his blood, his kidneys are healthy, his creatinine level down to 136.[Equal to 1.53 in US values]

Thank You.

Stephanie Holliday

Montreal, Quebec*

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My 16 year old toy poodle, Brea, was diagnosed with both kidney failure and heart failure a few months ago. Both my vet and I didn’t think that she would live for much longer. Brea had stopped eating, lost 3 pounds, and was vomiting on a daily basis. I had a difficult time accepting the idea of losing her, and began researching alternative therapies. I came across several websites, but Five Leaf gave me the most hope. So many positive testimonials from people with pets in a similar condition coming from all over the world, made me at least want to give the products a try. I called the 1-800 number and talked to Amanda personally. Talking to a real person, who also happens to be the founder of Five Leaf, gave me much hope. Amanda was cordial, friendly, and most importantly, gave me customized advise regarding Brea’s specific condition.

Five Leaf has not and will not pay me for this testimonial. I am compelled to write, only because my pet has recovered her quality of life, her happiness, and is still around. I would like to see pets in similar condition being offered a chance to recover their health. That’s all.

On March 2, 2012, Brea’s BUN was over 130 mg/dL (way high and off the charts. The normal range is between 7-27 mg/dL), the CREA was 4.0 mg/dL (normal range is between 0.5-1.8 mg/dL), and her ALT was at 347 U/L (normal range is between 10-100 U/L). After doing two 3-week cycles of both the kidney and the heart treatments from Five Leaf, the numbers are still a bit high, but have come down so much, that my vet was puzzled. The numbers, as of April 16, 2012, were: BUN at 76 mg/dL, CREA at 1.9 mg/dL, and the ALT at 198 U/L. I have started a third 3-week cycle which will end in one week, and am confident that these numbers have improved additionally.

There are some veterinarian websites that, without having tried these products, state that they can be dangerous, that they do not work, and that IF they work it is due to the placebo effect! How can it be the placebo effect on a pet??? Plus, the numbers clearly indicate that the products work! So, my advise to anyone with a pet in a similar condition as my Brea is: GIVE IT A TRY. You have nothing to lose! Correction, you will be short of a couple hundred dollars, but in my opinion, our little companions are worth that small investment.

Thank you, Five Leaf, and thank you Amanda, for the wonderful and important work that you do. Brea and I love you lots!

Dr. Alexandra David – Professor of Piano

Shepherd, MI*

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My 12 yr old toy poodle, Noah, had his way with a box of chocolates a few weeks before Christmas 2011. He became gravely ill and was rushed to an Emergency vet. They told me had pancreatitis and kidney failure (and he has been on meds treated for congestive heart failure and thyroid disorder for 2 yrs) They took him off his heart meds to protect the kidneys and told me with his BUN levels at 168 he would not likely make it. Thank God I found Amanda and Five Leaf.

Immediately I ordered the Canine Heart AND Kidney package. After talking at length with Amanda and agreeing on protocols to give Noah the many formulas, hydrotherapy and sub Q fluids, we brought him home from the hospital where they really did not want me to “disturb” him anyway. With Amanda, I had hope. I gave Noah the powders and tinctures 8 times a day as well as followed the entire protocol she gave with my packages. In 3 days his BUN went from 168 to 48 and in one week it went to 28. They call him a MIRACLE! There were several miracles! One is that his tongue went necrotic and the top sloughed off and the tip end broke off. They told me he would need a feeding tube but we believe the many dosages of pure cayenne pepper and hydrotherapy helped regenerate enough of his tongue so that he can successfully drink and eat! Now thats a miracle!. It has been just over 3 months and our precious Noah is alive and well. He loves his walks and in the course of a day must bring out 5 or 6 toys out of his toybox to play.

On a cosmetic note, the pesky stains he has always been plagued with under his eyes are gone as well! He is a true testimony to the power of Gods pharmacy! Thanks Amanda and 5 Leaf for your knowledge and caring. Noah is our joy and would not be here without you!

Laura Vann

Citrus Heights, CA*

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In 2002 I lost my beautiful German Shepherd to kidney disease and I vowed that I would never see another dog of mine go down in the same way. Katie had a creatinine level of 11. I had to give her a bag of fluids every day. She also ate the science diet KD formula. There were no other options for her She lasted a year and a half after she went into kidney failure which was how I learned of her illness. This is really important, Katie swam in a nearby lake every day and I now know that water therapy kept her going.

My 15-year old Shih-Poo Buster was eating dirt in 2008 and had developed a picky eating habit even though I fed the absolute top dog foods and supplemented with boiled chicken and rice his entire life.
We went to the vet with Buster several times but the blood didn’t show any renal failure. Buster showed no interest in chew bones, had no energy and was restless all night long. I saw another vet months later, had his blood taken, urine samples, x-rays and still no answer.

In 2009, Buster was throwing up foamy bile here and there, had what I thought was a seizure or two and peeing in the house during the night.

This was a dog that never, ever peed on the carpet. In fact, Buster was the only dog who would wake you up in the middle of the night talking over us until we woke up to take him out. I thought “old age.” Months later, I saw another vet who said Buster had two fractured teeth and they needed to be removed. Surgery? $900 dollars?

Something wasn’t right with this diagnosis. All my dogs work their teeth over 2-3 times per week on bones and I’ve never paid for teeth cleaning but Buster hadn’t chewed a bone in nearly 3 months. I had this really bad gut feeling that this wasn’t the answer I was looking for so I took a chance on one more vet that a friend had recommended a long time ago but he only accepted cash. I took Buster to the Purdy Animal Hospital and after Dr. Reiss ran Buster’s blood he said “I think we’ve found your problem – kidney disease.” I cried all the way home. Buster’s Creatinine levels were 2.8 at that point with a BUN of 64 enough to make a 14-year old dog sick. That was it, I started looking for everything else I could get my hands on besides fluids, which I started right away and I found Five Leaf on-line among several other sites dedicated to Canine Kidney Disease. I wasn’t set on what to do just yet and I research Five Leaf for any sort of bad reviews or product problems but I didn’t find any issues and to this day I still haven’t, and I’ve continued to check all the blogs regarding anyone who has tried Five Leaf’s products. So I called Amanda and gave her my story and learned about her herbs but could only afford to purchase the Blood Cleansing and Renal Cleanse. I had already sworn off commercial dog food after Buster’s many vet appointments and learned about homemade diets from several sources including Amanda. I read up on everything about foods with the culprit – high phosphorus levels, how to balance his nutrition, what to feed him, what not to feed him. Amanda enlightened me about water therapy. Funny thing is Buster has always been my best swimmer and it just so happened that I was going to a pool once a week for him because I thought he was losing energy from old age. In addition, during Buster’s entire life he’s gotten a bath once a week but that was about to increase tenfold. First therapy was sub-q fluids, then a dramatic change to his diet, water therapy every day and I began to see a change in him but he then experienced another incident that can only be described as a seizure. I had the herbs from Five Leaf but was reluctant to use them (stupid me). I also didn’t know how I was going to get Buster to take them. Buster is incredibly picky and I knew that I couldn’t just put them into his food because I had to keep up his nutrition (extremely important) and if I doctored up his food he would learn to stay away from it. Buster was still throwing up foamy bile, still showing signs of renal problems and his Creatinine even increased to 3.3. That was only 3 weeks after starting the sub-q fluids. That was it, I opened the herbs put 18 drops of the Renal Cleanse into strained sweet potatoes and syringed it down his throat slowly while sitting on him, holding his head to one side. We’ve gotten really good at it now. I only did this twice a day and then built up to three times a day and only the Renal Cleanse formula. It was like a week later after coming home from swimming where he was in a warm pool for 5 minutes, then in the cool air, back into the warm pool, back out again just like water therapy… warm then cool and then it happened. We got Buster home and for the remainder of the evening he could not stop running around the house. He was literally running back and forth down the hallway stopping to look at us, barked a couple of times, ran up to me jumped on my leg and ran down the hallway again. We actually had to stop him because he was breathing so hard I thought he was going to pass out.

It was amazing yet I still wasn’t convinced he was out of the woods. The next trip to the vet, Buster’s Creatinine came down to 2.4 (normal is 1.8) and his BUN dropped to 48. Dr. Reiss was extremely happy for us. Now here is the interesting thing about the herbs from Five Leaf. I did the three weeks with Renal and Blood Cleanse but I built up to using both formulas. The more herbs I gave Buster the more he wanted to eat his food, the faster he wanted to run, the more he wanted to play with me and he wasn’t throwing up on a daily basis.

Best of all, he has completely stopped peeing in the house. Now remember I only had enough money for the two bottles or herbs and after the 3 weeks were up, I stopped using them. I continued with all the other therapies, sub-q fluids, water therapy, diet, exercise but he started to throw up that foamy bile again. He still had that puppy-like energy and was eating well but with kidney disease if the phosphorous levels are too high, they get extremely nauseous and throw up. Every time he had a bad day, I went right back to the herbs and I wasn’t sure he could stay on them for longer than 3 weeks but I found out he could not be without them. So in this past year, I have witnessed my dog actually get better with kidney disease and I have worked hard at creating a routine that is so delicate when it comes to managing Buster’s canine kidney disease that I can finally rest know that I am doing all I can for him. I mean, this is the equivalent to dialysis treatment for humans. A person with renal disease must be on a regimen of dialysis without fail every so many days. Buster is just like this. Here is what our routine looks like for Buster and I want my testimony to help others. Please people, give up the commercial dog food for good and don’t do KD diet from Science Diet if you can help it. If you love your dog like family, there is a better way. Here is the balance I maintain every day for my amazing little Buster.

1. Small portions of food several times a day and not skipping any meals. This cannot be stressed enough for Buster – His homemade diet includes whole boiled eggs, especially egg whites, sweet potatoes, yams, organic lean beef, chicken breast, celery, carrots, fresh parsley, canned sardines (small amounts) as a topper only and not more than once in a while. Ground bison, lamb, ground turkey, canned pure pumpkin, apples, broccoli and even bread bits. High quality fresh bacon (small pieces) have been extremely helpful to jump start him when he had bad days. His favorite meal is pancakes with a boiled egg and one meatball with a side of homemade sauce. His supplements include Kelp, Renal K Potassium, liquid vitamins because kidney disease taxes his body’s vital nutrients and the herbs from Five Leaf and lots of dog greens. I want to stress again, that I’ve taken him off the herbs and it’s not the same. After the 3 week dose, I went down to twice a day to maintain him and he responds to those herbal formulas within minutes. I am so blown away by this!
It is so important to learn how much of the foods I mentioned to give in what combinations, what size portions, how often and to recognize the foods that give him trouble. The key for us is to keep Buster eating like he did as a young dog and if that meant a pancake then by God, he was going to eat whatever he wanted along with all his supplements as long as that food was low in phosphorus or the portion and ratio was low in phosphorus. Sardines are a superhero food for dogs but they aren’t low in phosphorous; and while my vet oks every type of food I give Buster and Amanda has taught me what to feed the benefits of the Sardines are necessary for his body so the Five Leaf herbs are necessary to carry out the toxins. It’s all a balancing act but Buster cannot be without these therapies. I finally have enough funds now to get all the herbs and the dog greens and I can’t wait to see the results of this. The diet has to vary for Buster every day and it has proven to stimulate his appetite. I have never seen him eat like this. In fact, all of our dogs are on these special diets with lots of supplements because I’m not waiting for them to develop kidney disease and did you know that a dog will lose 75% of its kidney function before it can even be diagnose – that’s not happening to my kids ever again. My dogs drool when it’s time to eat and Buster licks every inch of his bowl. People this is something I have never seen him do! I make stew out of all those ingredients I mentioned, something different every day. Another really wonderful side effect for Buster is how sound he sleeps through the night. When he was at his sickest, I never noticed if he was drinking too much water, which is a tell-tail first sign of kidney disease, and he was so restless at night prior to finding the right diagnosis but as soon as I got educated, thank you Amanda, Buster’s world got back on track.

2. Water therapy is another component in this balancing act and it was Amanda who opened my eyes to this, even though I’d be swimming my dogs for years. I’ve learned to feel Buster body temperature and through a process of elimination, I figured out that his water therapy needed to be a regular thing and it helps ward off the nausea. I kid you not! Buster was getting into the shower every single day. The warm, then cool water therapy has been remarkable. It can stop him from throwing up; it actually stimulates his desire to eat and makes him pee out the toxins. This is every bit as important for Buster as the herbs are.

3. Five Leaf Herb Formulas and Healthy supplements. The rest of the therapies support his kidney function like the sub-q fluids and exercise but I can’t filter out his blood of the phosphorous without those herbs. I also started using calcium carbonate via egg shells or Epatikin (supplement) which works in the intestines to rid the body of too much phosphorous but again I still have to use the herbs. It is my secret weapon for Buster and it has turned him around every time. When the right vet led me to my internet search and within days of implementing the right therapy, Buster was back to chewing on his bully sticks, raw hides and other assorted bones. Keeping his teeth clean, working his gums keeps him healthy and no dental surgery for my Buster. I have no idea how long I can keep this little guy going or how long God will let me have him but we are supporting his kidneys and I cannot show enough support for what Five Leaf has done for this little guy. My life is my family, it’s just me, my husband and our dogs and right now life is good!

I want everyone with a sick dog to read this and do something about it. It does not cost that much to better the health of your dog, it just takes education. I am happy to give anyone my personal testimony via my cell phone or email. I am a real committed customer of Five Leaf and I will prove this to anyone who is in need of help for their dog.

Lauralouise Hight and Buster

Port Orchard, WA*

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My youngest daughter, Alli has asthma and we had to give our cat to afriend and adopt a chihuahua for Alli.

We have had Chester for almost two years and this 3 year old bundle of energy has completely won over our hearts with his larger-than-life personality and his boundless enthusiasm.

Several months ago, Chester began vomiting, at first once a day, then over the next three days more and more regularly. He also became extraordinarily lethargic. Alarmed we took him to our veterinarian.

We were told that Chester was suffering from acute renal failure and we are asked if he had gotten access to anti-freeze. We scoured our garage and could find no trace of any anti-freeze, although wild mushrooms were growing in the yard and we were told they “could have” caused the renal failure. At any rate we were advised to leave Chester at the vet’s office for a couple days in order to be intravenously flushed. We were also told that Chester’s BUN and Creatinine levels were so high that the equipment available at the Vet’s office could not read them (which put the BUN level over 200).

We left Chester at the vet for full days and at no point did his levels drop enough for the equipment to register his BUN and creatinine levels. In desperation on the night of the 2nd day I began surfing the web for any help we may find. My daughter was traumatized and my wife and I were shocked at how quickly Chester had gotten so sick.

I found 5 leaf on Chester’s third day in the Vet and decided I had nothing to lose but some money in ordering some products. I paid extra for (true) overnight shipping and I admit that doubled the cost of my order.

We brought Chester home from the vet Friday night with an $800 bill and the vet’s attempt to comfort us by saying he’d be willing to come by over the weekend and put Chester down after Alli had gotten a
chance to say goodbye.

I admit I had virtually no hope whatsoever that Chester would survive when we brought him home. His breathing was extremely labored and it was obvious that he was in tremendous pain. I can clearly remember sitting on our bed with Chester lying next to my daughter while I pet him saying “good boy Chester” while my daughter wept.

My wife and children were leaving for the weekend while I stayed home with Chester. We felt this would be easiest assuming he would die or be put down over the next couple days. Regardless, I began the herbal regimen along with hydrotherapy. I also pureed up some food and fed Chester both medication and dinner over the next few days with a medicine dropper.

Chester survived the first few days and within a week was resisting the medicine dropper (weakly, but nonetheless he was showing some signs of energy.) We completed the first full cycle of medication and
on Amanda’s advice (Yes, she returned my call personally) we began a second cycle.

Today Chester is fully recovered, his BUN levels are completely normal (28) and his Creatinine is 2.9. We told the veterinarian about Five Leaf and he was skeptical. Of course this was the same veterinarian who kindly offered to put our chihuahua down for us only a day or two after we had taken the dog out of his clinic.

I cannot recommend five leaf and its products strongly enough. I am absolutely certain that Chester would not have survived had I not begun the herbal and hydrotherapy regimen. I wish to thank
Amanda sincerely for my family (particularly my daughter) and for Chester who will happily bark at any people or dogs he sees. (You can’t imagine how strange it was to be overwhelmingly joyous to hear
Chester once again barking at things…)

Gregg Wigen

Butte, MT*

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Our 14-year-old terrier mix Trixie started having seizures this spring and was diagnosed with an enlarged heart and fluid in her lungs. The vet put her on Lasix to address the fluids, but after a couple of weeks, she stopped eating (she was normally a voracious and enthusiastic eater) and was vomiting and having diarrhea. After two weeks of trying to coax her to eat anything (hamburger, chicken, lunch meats, anything!) the vet found her kidney values were quite elevated (BUN 117, Creatinine 4.0, Phosphorus 8.3). They said she appeared to be in kidney failure, perhaps because of the Lasix, but because of her heart and lung condition, the normal IV fluid treatment would kill her, and stopping the Lasix altogether would kill her as well.

We were resigned to having to put her down because she seemed miserable and the idea of watching her starve to death was more than we could bear. On the morning of her final day, she crawled up to snuggle us in bed and we fed her bits of ham from a breakfast sandwich which she enthusiastically gobbled up, and we decided we weren’t ready to give up on her. I cancelled her euthanasia, found this website and ordered the package on a Sunday with 2-day shipping. We called our vet and she said we could try doing subcutaneous fluids to help her kidneys process better, along with the Canine Kidney Health treatments.

The CKH products shipped the very next day and were on our doorstep on Wednesday, and we started Trixie on a full course of the supplements, along with subcutaneous fluids every other day and half her previous dose of Lasix. We also gave her phenobarbital for her seizures. To get her appetite back, I grilled steaks and chicken and pork chops for her to mix with her normal food. Within 2 weeks, she was back to normal with her appetite and energy, and has been thriving ever since. Her kidney levels came down to acceptable levels within 2 weeks of starting the supplements and fluid treatments (BUN 63, Creatinine 2.7, Phosphorus 4.0). She does not mind the supplements in her food at all, and our other little dogs have developed a taste for the dog greens as well.

We do her fluid treatments at home every other day (at our vet’s suggestion), and while she doesn’t like the needle in her back, she’s extremely patient and tolerant with her amateur vets. She’ll never have perfectly normal kidney function because she can’t take a full IV fluid treatment, but thanks to the subcutaneous fluids and CKH supplements, we have our little Schmoop back. Every afternoon she decides it’s dinner time and dances around our bed barking and jumping to get our attention. She runs and hops in the yard like she did when she was young, and we can’t wait to see her play in the snow like she always loved to do. We got three bonus months with her that we thought we wouldn’t have, and we’re hoping to have many more thanks to Five Leaf.

Mike Simone

Cranston, RI*

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My partner and I took Gracie, our 13 year old Jack Russell Terrier, for a routine checkup in July, and we thought everything would be normal as usual. However, our vet said that her Creatinine was 2.6, and her BUN was 48. We were devastated!!! We had lost Gracie’s mom less than a year ago from the very same thing. Our vet told us that she would have to receive fluids and then be rechecked to see if her numbers went down, and that we were lucky to catch it at the beginning stages. I wasn’t feeling so lucky. We sat with her for 3 days at the vet’s office while she got her IV fluids, because she is our baby and we weren’t going to leave her there alone(even though we adore our vet).

We were familiar with the routine from having done it one year earlier, but this time we were determined to find an alternative to watching our poor baby suffer like her mommy did. We just HAD to be more proactive.

I found you online the day after the diagnosis, and I immediately purchased your program. We did the hydrotherapy and herbal tinctures just as you recommended for 3 weeks. We tried the recipes, but Gracie did not like any of them, so we just stuck with our raw meat and rehydrated vegetable diet that she loves and added the Doggie Greens to that. I also brought the herbal tinctures to the vet so that she would know what Gracie was taking. She shrugged her shoulders after writing all of the ingredients down and said, “Can’t hurt.” I think she thought we were reaching for anything to help our baby, and she was right. However, I just knew in my heart that her kidney function was improving.

We went to the vet last week (two weeks after finishing the 3 week regimen), and the results were FANTASTIC!!! Her BUN was 20 and her Creatinine was 0.4!!!!! Our vet actually did a little dance when she walked into the examining room to give us the results!

I absolutely credit Gracie’s miraculous kidney functions to your regimen. Yes, some days it was difficult to do the 30 minutes total of hydrotherapy and give Gracie yet another dose of bad-tasting herbs (we tasted them first), but it was SO WORTH IT. Every time I came home from work and did not feel like sitting in the tub with her with the stopwatch for 15 minutes, I would just think, “This is for Gracie’s
LIFE we are fighting for here!”

I will never be able to express my gratitude to you for giving us more time, not just time, but quality time, with our baby Gracie. If we had mountains here in Louisiana, I would shout my gratitude from the mountain tops!!!!!

Paula Defley

Belle Chasse, Louisiana*

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My little 4 lb. 12 year old chihuahua, Chachi was diagnosed with kidney failure. His numbers were off the chart high. He spent two rounds of IV fluids in the hospital. Came home and didn’t do too much better. He went back in for more IV fluids, weeks later and during that time the vet kind of prepped me for the end. He wasn’t eating at all and getting weaker and weaker. I called my daughter, who was back east, 3000 miles away and told her to get home to say good bye to him.

That was on Friday morning. Meanwhile I got on the internet and found this site and talked to Amanda (the pet healer, whisperer) and she sent the drops right out. I know she worked after closing to get my order out. I made Chachi one of the food recipes that Amanda has shared on this site, and promptly went to the vet and force fed him all day until they closed. My daughter came in that night and we went to the vet’s first thing Sat. morning. Chachi was off the IV (It had been 4 days and they needed to take him off) and all the vet techs were so excited to tell us that he had perked up and was ready to go home. I got my order of the drops and started giving him his doses 4 times a day. He is 6 months out of the vets and he looks and acts like normal. He looks great and runs around with his girlfriend female chihuahua. His numbers are down too. He still has bad kidneys, but with the drops he feels great. He wasn’t even supposed to be here according to the vets. The drops continue to keep stabilized and feeling good. He is 12 years old, but I’m sure he will be here for some time thanks to these miracle herbs!

Sandy Parisi

Clovis, CA*

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brandy martin


On October 25, 2010, we took our 12 years old husky mix for an exam or routine check up and the news from that visit saddened us. The vet informed us that she had two months to a year and that her kidneys were failing.

At this point, we did not see any signs of her condition other than a frequency to urinate. Her appetite was fair.

We had another dog Dakota, who was her son. Sadly, we had to put Dakota down in November and she went into a depression. She was not eating much. I became a little more concerned and decided to research possible pet treatments for kidney disease and came across your website. We became very interested after reading some of the testimonials and your program treatment. Our pets have a diet of holistic organic dog kibbles with homemade beef or chicken meatloaf made with organic foods. We have had Cheyenne on a low protein diet. She loves sweet potato and many fruits and vegetables.

We started Cheyenne on the three week regiment of your tonic at the end of January 2011. We mixed her tonic (4ml) equally with freshly squeezed organic apple/pear juice (2ml) mixed with a little bottled water (2ml) and she was able to take it with much ease.We noticed during this time her appetite increased. She would clean up her entire dish. She was fed once a day with snacks during the day for many years but when we started your kidney health program, we started feeding her twice a day as her appetite seemed to have increased. She would clean her dish with both meals.

We took her back to the vet on February 17, 2011 and these were her results:

October 25, 2010 Bun 35, Creatnine 2.3

February 17, 2011 Normal Range Bun 17.6, Creatnine 1.73

We were very, very happy to see these results. Thank you for all you do in your research and work to help us do what we can to help our beloved pets who are so much a part of our family. We were told by the vet in October of 2010 to just give Cheyenne lots of love and fresh water. I thought there has to be others out there who could possibly help treat a dog’s kidney disease. With the love we have for her, we found you. She will be thirteen in a couple of weeks. Thank you so much for helping Cheyenne. We will continue her maintenance in Spring and Fall.

Valda Kuhlman

Big Fork, MT*

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brandy martin



I just wanted to write and tell you that it’s been 2 years since my vet said my dog, Cindy, was in kidney failure and needed to be put down! I was devastated, found you online and purchased your herbal remedy and followed the instructions…….can I tell you that she is doing WONDERFUL today! The vet was surprised to see the improvement shortly after starting, but reluctantly would admit that the herbs cured her (no surprise there).

In any case, as long as keep Cindy on an organic diet she is doing super! I make her organic brown rice with chicken or beef and a sweet potato and zucchini. I mix some of this with her organic dry food and she has never looked or acted better!

Thank you again for saving my dog, I tell everyone I know about your site, and it disturbs me to think of how many dogs are put down because conventional medicine just can’t (or won’t) help!


Chris Stillwaugh

Broadway, NJ*

ps, attached is a photo of Cindy, my beloved Jack Russell She loves to kayak!

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brandy martin


I am writing this to let all know that this really works and how grateful we were to find the Five Leaf! In September of 2009 our Rottweiller Duke was Diagnosed with renal failure, it was such a shocking thing to hear as he was only 3 years old. I contacted Amanda and spoke with her a few times and she was so helpful with the diet and treatments which were recommended. When we brought Duke home from the vets, there was no hope and he was quite sick and his BUN,CREATININE,PHOSPHOROUS levels were too high to record a reading.

We immediately started him on the cycle as discussed and within 48 hours we saw such a change and within two weeks his Levels were coming into a normal range, we were so excited to have our Duke feeling and looking so much better! After 10 weeks on the program all levels of BUN,CREATININE AND PHOSPHOROUS were within normal ranges and remained there Until June of 2010 when we lost him to another type of problem…Thrombocytopenia Hemolytic Anemia, non related to his early diagnosis of Renal Failure!

Thank you to Amanda as she gave us 9 months with our Duke when there was no hope in site!

Thank YOU SO much for giving our Duke back to us when he was so young! Not to mention from something that was so life threatening, and everyone had pretty much given up on,because modern medicine had taken him as far as it could.

The picture of Duke was taken in October of 2009, 4 weeks after being diagnosed with this life threatening disease!

Thank YOU Amanda!!!!

Sincerely and grateful

Luanne and Nick Deangelos Of NY*

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brandy martin

March 22, 2010

Our 12 year old yellow lab, Rally, was very ill out of the blue one Sunday afternoon. She was vomiting and not acting like her happy self. After my wonderful neighbor (lucky for us, our local veterinarian!) examined her, he suggested settling her stomach because you never know what labs may eat. He also told us to monitor her carefully for a day or two. On Tuesday she wasn’t much better, so we took her to the vet. They took blood and discovered her kidney values were off the charts—9.7 Creatinine and 155 BUN—diagnosing her with Acute Kidney Failure. We were shocked, devastated and beside ourselves. They kept her for three nights administering IV fluids and giving her proper medicine.

In the meantime, I did exhaustive research, coming across the Canine Kidney Health website and Five Leaf. Even though I was skeptical, I knew there was hope because Rally was always a very healthy, active dog. She could catch a Frisbee from 40 yards in her prime!! She is a very important part of our family and I wanted to do everything possible to remedy this awful situation.

I had a wonderful “connection” with Amanda. She was incredibly gentle, kind, empathetic and knowledgeable. I began the program immediately and sure enough after the first cycle, Rally’s Creatinine dropped to 2.8 and BUN dropped to 36. After the second round her Creatinine was 2.1 and BUN was 16!!! We were (and still are!) jubilant!!

I will always be grateful to Amanda and Five Leaf because I know implementing the program of herbs, hydrotherapy and fresh, organic diet has helped Rally immensely.

We (my husband and three small children) enjoy every single day with Rally and appreciate more than ever her big brown eyes, wagging tail, unconditional love and the pure joy she brings us. I THANK YOU Five Leaf for giving us these wonderful times in her golden years!!

Renae Khalil*

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brandy martin



Molly is an AKC Scottish Terrier. She will be 9 years old on April 9, 2010. She is spayed and has never been bred.

January of 2009 she needed to have a liver biopsy due to elevated ALP and ALT liver enzymes.

I believe the values were 533 and 345 respectively, and normal ranges are quite a bit lower. She was diagnosed as having hepaticellular vacular centrilobular degeneration. Basically, as it was explained to me, more and more of her liver was being overtaken by a fibrosys, or a fibrotic process.

There was only one medication that could help this condition, and we could also try antioxidants.

Over the next several months the values didn’t lower dramatically, but they did lower a little with the prescription and vitamins. Then in July of 2009, Molly presented with 3++ protein and blood in her urine. After three weeks on an antibiotic, the blood and protein were still there, but reduced to the 2 to 2++ range.

Over the next few months we would do once a month urine tests, with the protein / creatinine ratio always being 2 or higher. She was finally deemed to have kidney insufficiency when the ratio became 4.4+. And that is when I started her care and treatment with a more homeopathic approach and found Five Leaf.

After completing the first 3 week regimen I was astounded to find that her urine protein/creatinine ratio had dropped to 0.7 !!! A ratio of 0 to 0.5 is considered normal! Another bonus is that her liver enzymes have dropped to 336-ALP and 123-ALT! These values are still above normal, but are going in a much better direction.

Thank you so much for this line of products and this regimen. It’s working for us and has favorably impressed our veterinarian!

We appreciate you.

Kathryn McAvoy

Indianapolis, IN*

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brandy martin

It is Laila I am a 4 ½ year old Cane Corso. Just I’d like to say a big thank you for saving my life and take an opportunity to recommend the Canine Kidney Health products for every dog owner.

About me, in 2009 September suddenly I became sick; I was throwing up and couldn’t eat anything. My caring owner toke me to the vet, who said my stomach’s to be opened up to find out what the problem is. The vet didn’t find anything there, but he’s learned there is something serious is happening with me all because a few months back I’ve had a tick bite which hasn’t been treated properly so I have lost most of the function of both of my kidney. I’ve been kept in the Animal Hospital for 2 month and been given drips for nearly all days. I’ve lost 14 pounds in weeks and couldn’t eat or move. I was in a really bad state. Luckily my owner and a lovely vet assistant looked after me day and night.

They have tried every medicine they could to keep me alive. I was no better. The vet didn’t give me long to live. My owner was devastated and by searching on the net came across the Five Leaf. Amanda was really helpful by explaining how the program works. Few days later we’ve received the program. The first few days and weeks wasn’t easy, but then my appetite slowly came back and got some energy back, I didn’t need to be carried any longer. Now, after 7 months, I’m feeling better and better. Still need to take the dog greens and drops but I do not mind. I’ve put lots of weight back on and feel very healthy.

Thank you so much Amanda.

Lots of love,

Laila Bali

Szekesfehervar, Hungary*

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brandy martin

We write to thank you for your wonderful products that has been keeping our 14 years old CoCo healthy and active!

We have CoCo with us ever since she is a month old, she is part of our family and we always try our best to take good care of her.

In February 2009, CoCo did not feel like eating for 2 days and had a few episodes of shivering which lasts a few secs each time, we felt worry and took her to our vet and did the urine test and blood test, and find that Na is low, ALP is 1350 (normal level: 20-150) and ALT is 170 (normal level: 10-118),then a bunch of meds including one call “Ursosan” were prescribed, when we revisited our vet 5 days later and run the blood test again, there is no improvement on the ALT reading and the ALP is 2000!

We feel lucky that during the first visit when the vet indicated that the high ALP and ALT readings could be a sign of kidney and liver failure, we already start searching thru the internet for more information regarding canine kidney failure, and god we really glad that we had ordered a set of your “package one” after we came across your website and studied the testimonials left by other dog lovers, so when we turned to you for advice on why CoCo’s ALP readings jumped off the chart after telling you what meds were being prescribed, you gave us a very valuable information that “Ursosan” may cause serious disorders of liver or renal functions! We don’t know why our vet prescribed “Ursosan”but we had then ceased all CoCo’s medication and follow your program to treat CoCo with Rena-Cleanse/Blood Cleansing Tonic/Hepara-Cleanse, as well as feeding her with home made diet and dog greens, the improvement on CoCo is rather fast and significant, she becomes more active and feel like eating again!

As recommended, twice a year in the spring and the fall, we will treat CoCo one week of Rena-Cleanse & Blood Cleansing Tonic and one week of Hepara-Cleanse & Blood Cleansing Tonic for maintenance, and dog green is essential for each meal, it has been 15 months now and CoCo is still healthy and happy!

Thank you again!

Love from CoCo, June and Kent

Hong Kong*

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We had our little dog spayed and after that she became horribly ill. We took and had her checked and the vet said her kidneys were failing. After 3 days of iv I ordered the meds from you and started giving them to her after we received them in about 1 wk. The bun rate was at the time we left the vets office 130 and I can’t remember the creatinine level but this past week after giving her the meds for Approx. 2 months her bun rate was 29 and the creatine was normal.

Thanks for your help.

Wanda Simmons

East Brewton, AL


In March, 2009, without warning, our beloved 13-year-old Bichon Frise, Emma, began throwing up and was devoid of energy. Our vet delivered the devastating news that she was in advanced renal failure. He told us her Creatinine level was 18 and her BUN was 160. He told us that the only chance she had of surviving was a kidney transplant. He predicted she had only a matter of days to live.

I immediately got on the Internet and starting looking for a miracle. I found the Five Leaf. Luckily, I got Amanda on the phone. She was so kind and reassuring. She gave me remedies that I could start right away. I started Emma on distilled water, hydrobaths, and organic meat and vegetables (baby food). We had to syringe the food and water, because she wouldn’t eat or drink on her own. We also gave her Sub-Q saline drips every day, in addition to Azodyl and Epakitin from the vet. It was a stressful and exhausting experience.

Amanda expedited the delivery of the holistic drops and green powder, so that we could start them immediately. Since Emma was in “critical condition,” our lives revolved around her for weeks, as we syringed nutrients into her lifeless body. We kept up her exercise (which consisted of a few steps in the yard) so that she could get the fresh air and optimism she needed to fight her condition. We knew that her improvement was taking longer than most dogs we read about on the website (because her numbers were off the charts). We never gave up hope.

About the third week, Emma started drinking water on her own and showing some interest in food. Amanda recommended fresh green tripe, which is full of nutrients and has a strong enough aroma to get dogs interested in eating. We followed her advice, and Emma started getting enthusiastic about eating again (without a syringe). She started walking to the end of the street and back—a major accomplishment! Since we could no longer give her the arthritis medication for her legs, Amanda sent us a “completely safe” supplement called Myristin. Emma is walking better than she has in years with no side effects!

It is now June. We have continued to feed Emma a raw meat and organic vegetable diet. We periodically do a cleansing with the drops from Five Leaf.

Emma is a happy, lively dog. We walk two blocks every day. She is running, jumping, and playing with her toys again, begging for food, and meeting us at the door when we come home with barks and kisses.

The most miraculous event, however, is that her recent blood work indicated that her Creatinine and BUN levels are totally NORMAL! Her weight has gone back to normal as well.

Emma would not be alive today if it were not for Amanda and Five Leaf. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Debra and Jobe Westerfelt

Wooster, Ohio*

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brandy martin

I wanted to write with not only praises on your product. Let me start by saying about a year ago in Feb of 08 my wonderful dog was diagnosed with kidney failure at the young age of three, because of his age the vets thought for sure it was some kind of poison and irreversible. They offered to try intense fluid therapy which involved several night hospital stay and a very hefty bill but warned that it probably wouldn’t work. Desperate i tried the therapy anyways and as i feared the results were negative. I was then told my only option was to euthanize and quickly as each day i was only making my dog suffer and that without euthanizing i only prolonged his life by a few painful days or weeks if i was lucky. I had planned to go through with the euthanization but needed just one more night with him at my own house not in a hospital so i checked him out of the hospital catheter still in his leg. That night I found five leaf online and overnighted the products. I saw results almost immediately my beloved friend was returning to the dog i once knew. It is now January of 09 almost an entire year later and he shows NO signs of illness. He is active, playful, hungry, and living life to its fullest. I truly believe with all my heart i owe that to the product i ordered from your company.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I look forward to recommending this product to anyone who is told there is no hope.

Jessica Baldwin

Boise ID*

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January 17/09

About a year ago, I took Li’l Bit in for a physical. She was 17. The vet came back in and said ‘her kidney counts are elevated’. From there he gave her a death sentence in the next year.

After a year on your product, her Bun & Crit are GREAT.

I know that she is 18. I know that she won’t live forever. But, you have given her a great year.

A friend of mine said ‘why would you treat her as an experiment. Is that how YOU would want to be treated’? The answer is, yes. I would search for any solution. Anyone reading this – if you have a dog with kidney problems, buy this product.

Thank you!

Mark Baumbach

Salt Lake City, UT*

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On 13th September 2009 our 8 year old cocker spaniel Moongchi was taken to the Vet in a very serious state as he was not eating, he could not walk properly, he was only drinking a tiny amount of water and his stools were most unhealthy. The Veterinarian conducted some blood tests and diagnosed Moongchi with renal failure, reporting raised levels of electrolyte and BUN of 214. As a temporary measure the Vet ensured that Moongchi was placed on an IV drip and hospitalised for two days. Before he was released the Vet told us that Moongchi only had one month to live but if we were lucky 6 weeks, and we just had to try to make his life as comfortable as possible for him. We were absolutely devastated at the prospect of our dog slowly dying and not being around at Christmas. This was especially heartbreaking for us as he had only just been released from 6 months Quarantine in May. We could not accept what was happening, so my wife and I started looking on the internet for other solutions as a final last chance. We came across Five Leaf, read the testimonials, and were really encouraged by other peoples experiences. However we did ever so slightly wonder whether the treatments really worked, but due to Moongchi’s condition, had no choice but to put our faith in Five Leaf. We have absolutely no regrets, we contacted Amanda by telephone and found her very attentive and helpful as not only did she suggest a course of treatments but also gave us helpful dietary tips tailored for his condition. Two days later the FedEx man arrived, and we began the course of medication combined with Moongchi’s new diet. After only 2 to 3 days we began to notice an immediate improvement in Moongchi as he seemed more lively and bubbly and he was at least drinking water normally. Moongchi continued to improve leaps and bounds and then after about 2 weeks he was actually begging for food – which we cannot remember him ever doing, drinking normally, and his stools had never looked better. We were so delighted as the medication and change of diet was having a real impact. These days Moongchi is an extremely healthy cocker spaniel who would have died many months ago if we had only listed to our vets. His course of herbal medication finished some time ago but we are sticking to his diet which includes dog greens and contacting Amanda for further tips to ensure that we are doing all we can to maintain his health. Now Moongchi runs around the house like crazy and has more energy than we can ever remember. He is so bubbly and happy. We are so grateful to Five Leaf and all the help Amanda has provided on the way.

Graham and Younyoung Harvey

London, UK*

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brandy martin

February 10, 2009

I adopted a 9 year old Deaf Australian Terrier mix in October. Most of his teeth had been removed due to infection from living on the streets. He walked with a stiff back leg gait that I chalked up to old age but later found out that is a sign of Kidney disease He had a bad case of worms and had been on treatment. I took him in for follow up blood work, and the Vet said he was in the early stages of Kidney Failure. I asked her “is he dying” she said “well, he will probably last about 2 years” I felt this dog had had such a rough go so far, that I was unable to believe there was no hope for him and yet another problem. The vet recommended a special diet (purchased from them) when I looked at the label, I was shocked at the amount of chemicals in this food. So I did an internet search and found you.

Punky has been on your diet and supplements since his diagnosis in November. I had him re-tested in January. Another Vet at the practice (not my regular Vet) said “why are we testing him again he was just tested” I told him I believed Punky would be better. He raised his eyebrows and said “and why would you think that?” I explained that his demeanor and level of alertness and energy had dramatically increased. He wasn’t the sad and reserved dog that slept a lot, that I had adopted. His gait had returned to normal. I truly felt he wasn’t sick anymore. And once he started to feel better I realized how really sick he had been.

The Vet shrugged it off and said something to the effect of bad days and good days The Vet then asked me why I was returning the canned food I had purchased. I told him I had him on a special diet I was making myself, when he interrupted me and said “he’s a dog, you feed him steak he will only want steak, you’re just going make him die sooner” I tried to tell him I wasn’t feeding him steak, and about the diet, but he wouldn’t listen. I told him I wanted Punky tested anyway.

The next day I got the results and his kidney numbers were normal!!!

I am keeping him on this diet since he loves his food. I just want to thank you for your help, without this diet, I have no doubt he would not live very long. He deserves to live out the rest of his life having fun and feeling good after too many years of neglect and life on the streets. He now has energy to burn and loves his walks and can’t wait for the next adventure. He is a sweet little guy and a wonderful buddy.

I have recommended your site and diet to many people, they are especially interested after they hear Punky’s story.

Thank You for saving my Punky from a sad ending after a sad beginning.

Punky Thanks you too!!

M.E. Lehn

Westport CT*

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brandy martin

January 4/09

A week before Thanksgiving, our nine year old sheltie, Shelly, began throwing up and stopped eating. We thought she was reacting to an antibiotic that was prescribed for her allergies. Finally, Shelly became so sick that we took her into the vet again, where they did blood work, and we found out that Shelly had kidney failure. Her BUN level was 181 and her creatinine was 8.0. We were shocked and devastated. Immediately, we checked Shelly into a 24-hour animal hospital.

She stayed there for six days while they monitored her, gave her an IV to flush her system, and fed her with a syringe. While Shelly was in the hospital, we searched all over the Internet learning as much as we could about canine kidney failure and disease. Most of the sites we came across told us that with numbers as high as Shelly’s, her chance of recovery was small. Finally we found Five Leaf and the information on the site gave us hope. We decided to give their holistic kidney treatment a shot. Shelly came home a week before the treatment arrived. That week her numbers rose pretty drastically again and we became desperate.

Thankfully the treatment arrived shortly after and we started Shelly immediately. Every week that Shelly was on the treatment, her numbers continuously dropped. In addition to the Five Leaf treatment we be have been administering 400 cc of saline subcutaneously to Shelly. We just got Shelly’s blood work back after she finished the three-week regimen and her BUN was 17 and creatinine was 1.1, even her liver enzymes are dropping. We are elated. Shelly is back to her old self again. She barks and plays with us like she did when she was a puppy. We are so thankful that we found the Five Leaf.

Donna Shivar

Norfolk, VA*

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brandy martin

I am writing to you to thank you for saving my dog’s life!!! Here is our story!

Phoebe is our adventurous 9 month old puppy. She climbed up on a chair, onto a table, and helped herself to the child-proofed Motrin…..swallowing about 30 tablets. Although she did throw up, within 2 days she was showing signs of kidney failure. She was urinating in her sleep, excessive drinking….etc. We took her to our vet, who ran tests. She was, indeed, in kidney failure. Her phosphorus was 6.1, her BUN 38, and urea nitrogen 34. The vet said there was nothing we could do. She said it may progress and we would have to put her down….or the best scenario, it would stay the same and we would have to decide if we could live with a dog without bladder control.

We were devastated. As you can see, she is the most adorable black cocker spaniel, with the best personality. We felt so guilty that she got to the Motrin, and we were desperate to seek some solution.

I went on the internet, and found Five Leaf. It was 9pm on a Friday night, but feeling so desperate I called anyway. Amanda answered, spent over a half hour on the phone with me, explaining the program. I was so hopeful.

We did the whole three week program….exactly! Last Tuesday, we went back to the vet to re-run her lab work. I was delighted to see…..NO EVIDENCE OF ANY KIDNEY PROBLEMS! Can you believe it??? None. Her BUN was 24! She is not having accidents, she is back to her regular self…..and…..the medicine is all put above her reach.

Thank you, thank you, Five Leaf!

Martha Heinkel

Cranford, NJ*

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brandy martin

Snowy was the sweetest most obedient dog I picked up one day at my estate. Although he was either lost or abandoned, yet was standing on his two hind legs and begging with his two front paws to every passerby. He was the very first Maltese, I’d set eyes upon. His long hair was tangled, and I was sure he hadn’t had a meal for days. I picked him, brought him home, bathed him and fed bread and milk. So began my journey with him, and just like Tin Tin’s snowy, he became a shadow behind me, always following me. He knew that I saved him. And he knew with all of his little dog conscience, how to appreciate that. When I got married snowy and my wife became best buddies, and he became an irreplaceable part of our little family. Extremely jealous of her at first though, little knowing, that it was she who partly encouraged me to take him in, when I found him a year earlier.

Just after celebrating Christmas in 2008, snowy stopped eating. He started vomiting through the night for two days. When I took to the vet, he showed all the signs of Kidney failure. His BUN level was above 130 and his CREATININE was 16. His vet said not to have too much hope, and put him on the saline drip and gave him Azodyl capsules. Standard medicine given for any canine with kidney failure. So began our 2009 new year nightmare. On the dawn of the new year, attending to him every two hours to clean and feed him, as he was confined to a small space with the saline drip and extremely weak without solid food. The plump lovable canine dropped from a 6.8kg to a mere 5.3 over two weeks. Even after intensive saline and Azodyl, his condition didn’t improve much, rather was worsening day by day. Our hearts were heavy. He was our lovable companion, our mediator during arguments, our obedient shadow.

Through intense research on the web, my wife came across the Five Leaf website, run by Amanda. We placed an order right away. That night, Amanda called and offered the best piece of advice, I’d ever heard over the weeks. She gave us a tingle of hope that snowy may still pull through. She wasted no time in sending the medicine. Within 3 days I received her package through overnight delivery. And although hesitant at first, we started on the medicine anyway, as we had nothing to lose. Within a week, Snowy’s BUN levels dropped to 72, and CREATININE to 8. Within a day of giving the blood cleansers, he showed improved physical strength. The fellow who could hardly walk, was suddenly pulling me on the leash, with one paw still attached to the saline drip. We continued with the cycle recommended by Amanda, and within another week, the BUN dropped to 32 and CREATININE to 2.6, extremely close to the normal levels for a canine.

We were overjoyed. I’ve never seen such drastic miracles in my life, but right before our eyes, Snowy pulled through. Although it sounds cliché, Amanda’s product became a miracle which saved our Snowy.

Snowy continues to maintain near normal levels, and now his appetite has grown twofold. We are extremely careful with this diet, and follow advice given through Amanda’s booklet in giving him organic vegetables.

We are ever so grateful to Amanda and to god who directed my wife to come across her website.

Shehan & Chathuri


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brandy martin

Hi Amanda, Skye and everyone at 5 Leaf,

I have been using your recipes, products and advice for my 13 year old cocker spaniel, L.D. since November. At that time she was diagnosed with the start of kidney failure by my vet. She was 5 pounds over weight and having accidents in the house but her energy level was still good. The vet said one thing that could prolong my dog’s life was her food and if I wanted to make it for her that might be the best idea but he, of course, had no recipes so recommended a commercial dog food that was a “kidney prescription”. I have always been particular about L.D.’s food and wasn’t about to feed her a name brand dog food even if it did come from the vet. My vet is a great guy but not holistic or into alternative treatments although, he tolerates me trying them and is always interested in the results of my latest “voodoo”. Since I have a vegetarian food business he already thinks I’m a little kooky so knew the idea of making food for L.D. wasn’t out of he realm of possibilities for me.

I wanted to know more about renal failure and food recipes from the alternative/natural side of the aisle and if there truly was no way to reverse or treat the condition naturally so I did an internet search and found you. My dog’s BUN number was 42 at the time of my first inquiry to you. I decided the investment in time and money was small if the products, therapies and formulas you offered did indeed help my critter and her quality of life. My second call to you was a month after receiving my “how to” booklet and formulas from you. I just returned from the vet’s office where I waited with baited breath as the test results were returned. I remember he walked into the examining room with the paperwork and said “well, whatever you are doing, keep it up!!” Her BUN number was down to 31, a drop of 11 points and almost in the normal range!! I was elated and feeling rather smug as I left. When I reported this to Skye, she said we could get L.D. into the normal range and to do the program for another 3 weeks. As I work out of town a lot, I had a house sitter who was administering the formula drops and food. After an absence of almost 2 months I returned to a slim, bouncy cocker who looked great and much younger than her 13 years. Back to the vet we went for another blood test.This time the BUN had elevated a few points which I attribute to the fact that my house sitter may not have been as diligent with the administration of the drops as she should have been. Regardless, the vet was happy with the test results and told me again to stay with whatever I was doing.

L.D. has been on all three of your food recipes with the latest being the raw meat/veggie combo as per Amanda’s suggestion. This morning she was barking at me to hurry up and get the food into her bowl as she danced around the kitchen. She loves it especially with the “Dog Greens” mixed in. I will get another blood test soon but feel that regardless of the outcome (which I know will be good) your products have made a remarkable difference in the health and vitality of my dog. Her “accidents” have all but stopped and she gets compliments from her fan club all the time as to how young and perky she looks. THANKS from both L.D. and her Mom!!

Judy Hildebrand and L.D.

Rising Fawn, GA*

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brandy martin

My fourteen year old mini-schnauzer, Bomber, has been with me since he was 8 weeks old. I can’t even begin to tell you what he means to me. He’s always had regular check ups and been healthy but in Sept ’08 I was thrown a curve ball! His blood work suddenly showed an elevated BUN of 36mg and Creatinine of 2mg meaning early signs of kidney disease. Naturally I panicked and looked to my Vet for help and the only suggestion offered was changing his food to a “renal specialty” at which I was appalled since these are poison in themselves. I found the Five Leaf and with much skepticism ordered the cleaning kit and started preparing the sweet potato/greens recipe provided on the website. I was really quite skeptical and even called to return the kit but after much thought I realized there was nothing to loose and maybe it would help. HALLELUJAH!! After going thru 2 cycles Bomber’s BUN dropped to 20 and Creatinine to 1.6!!!! I am a believer!! He is back playing like a pup, has the strut back in his step, and wants to eat constantly (he licks his bowl around the kitchen)!! I will absolutely continue his new diet and the maintenance program. I urge anyone if in need to try this; it worked for us and hopefully it will for you. Thank you Amanda for your patience with me and your compassion and knowledge that you share so readily!!

Karen (& Bomber) Shoeman

Irvine, CA*

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candi rhodes

Hi Amanda,

Paul and Eleanor Rhodes here, I just want to let you know how Candi is doing. Out of the clear blue our Candi 4 1/2 yrs. old got sick. Took her to our vet 18 miles away, he said it was her kidneys and he needed to keep her overnight to give her IV’S. Went back next morning Candi was no better, so our vet said that his wife was to go to the hospital the next day for tests and he would like for us to take her to Springfield, MO. to Bradford Animal Hospital 70 miles from our home. We took her straight there that day.

That same day is when we ordered the program from you which we received in a couple of days. Candi was in hospital for 6 days, was on medication in her IV’s the whole time. The Doctor called, said she had a lot of blood in her urine but was somewhat better but Candi would not eat. He told me to come get her and he thought she would do better at home.

She went from 11.8 lbs. to 7 1/2 lbs in that week. The Doctor put her on medication for 6 more days and told me to take her back to my own vet after all medication was taken to have blood workup again. We did this and Candi’s numbers were not good. The Doctor put her on more meds and said to bring her back in 2 weeks to get blood workup again.

I chose not to do 6 more days of meds and stopped them and decided to put Candi on the program at that time. In just one week I have seen a big difference in Candi. She was so much better. After 2 weeks on the program she has gained 2 lbs. back. We took her back to the Doctor for the blood test to see if the numbers had changed. In just 13 days on the program Candi’s number had changed. Bun–78 to 42 and Creatinine 2.6 to 1.3. The rest of the numbers were all normal and back to 9 1/2 lbs.

This has been a miracle and even my wife’s sunday school kids have been praying for Candi’s recovery. The Doctors thought Candi was not going to make it and thought Candi was an interesting case and they thought she was terminal. This is her last week on the drops, food, coconut and hydrotherapy and she is 680px well.

So we just want to THANK YOU so very much.


Will surely reccommend you to anyone that would need your services.

Paul and Eleanor Rhodes

Shell Knob, Mo*

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Hi Amanda

Just a note to tell you about my story. My name is Zeus and I’m 3yrs old Japanese Akita.

I have a wonderful family who love and spoil me allot, mom Cathy will do everything for me and dad John is just a softy who never complaints, 8months ago I lost a lot of weight and I drank allot of water. Down to 27.7kg and looking very drawn a vets visit was inevitable that’s when the bad news come that I had only 1 kidney and suffering kidney failure, take Zeus home and make him comfortable said the vet (meaning not long to live) . That’s when mom started to look for anything that would help me (told you she loved me) on the internet she come across FIVE LEAF and a kidney treatment program she ordered the lot. RENAL, HEPERA, & BLOOD cleansing tonics, and the pet greens (don’t like that one). I have now been on the program for 7months you should see the difference in me I LOVE FOOD I LOVE TO PLAY AND I LOOK GOOD SINCE I PUT WEIGHT ON 7.5KG. Even my vet could not believe how good I looked.

brandy martin brandy martin

I just want to be with mom & dad for a lot longer and have some quality in my life.





21 JULY 2008

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brandy martin

Hi, my name is Sugie Day & my little friend here is Noodles. Noodles is a miniature dachshund & we live in Austin, TX. Noodles was diagnosed with kidney failure about 7 months ago, but fell very ill over Memorial Day weekend. She was vomiting, refused all food & water & waslethargic. We took her to our vet, Dr. Phillip Schwarzlose @ DS Animal Hospital on May 27th, 2008 & her prognosis was very grim. According to her blood work & to quote Dr. Phillip, “This dog should be in a coma”. Noodles BUN was negative 101, the Creatinine was negative 8.6 & the Phosphate was greater than negative 16.1. Not to mention other numbers that were not good.

But, Dr. Phillip told us that an old doc of his once said “Look at the dog, not at the numbers” & he then mentioned your website & are we ever thankful that Dr. Phillip took that old doctor’s advice. Dr. Phillip did not know much about Canine Kidney Health, but said he had seen one other dog that had been on it with good results & as sick as Noodles was it certainly wasn’t going to hurt anything.

We came home & started our own research on your website. We read the testimonies, studied the ingredients & how to administer the program. We ordered the products to come overnight & anxiously awaited them to arrive as Noodles was just getting sicker by the minute. When our package arrived we were skeptical, but hopeful. We started Noodles on her first dose that very night & she did not even care about the funny taste. We then started our battle to making her try to eat again. Well, that didn’t last very long. Within about 3 days on the program Noodles started taking an interest in food again. She started drinking water without coaxing & I really think it was the Dog Greens that made food more interesting to her again. By the end of the first week or so Noodles was back out in the yard doing something she loves, barking at the birds!!!

As you can imagine we were extremely happy to see Noodle so active, but were even more excited to have the next round of blood work. We planned to take her back in to see Dr. Phillip as soon as she finished that first three week cycle. That was on June 20, 2008 & we were all AMAZED. Noodles BUN dropped from 101 to 47, the Creatinine from 8.6 to 2.9 & the Phosphates from greater than 16.1 to within normal range at 3.8. All Dr. Phillip could say was “Amazing”. We then followed up with another 3 week program cycle & took Noodles back for a follow-up blood work on July 15th & that also came back almost the same & a tad bit better than the June 20 blood work. So we now feel Noodles is stable, so we are going to take her off of the medicine & put her on the maintenance twice a year.

What can I say about Canine Kidney Health, but thank you for making our very sick little Noodles feel so much better. Noodles continues to improve & barks at the birds daily now. Something I hope she will do for quite a few years to come!!!

Sugie Day

Austin, TX*

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brandy martin


I have to tell you that this is a miracle. I wasn’t so sure I should trust it because the way the Vet talked was that if I didn’t have Ginger put to sleep that I was fooling myself and and it would be cruel. I had decided that if after a few weeks Ginger didn’t show improvement then I would go ahead and have her put to sleep. I didn’t sleep and couldn’t concentrate from feeling worried for Ginger and the guilt nearly killed me. Ginger didn’t respond well the first few days and then suddenly she wanted to eat the food I was making her. Then she started to walk a little better.

Very week and very thin but improving bit by bit. We took her to the Vet only 3 days after starting your program and her numbers had gotten better. I can’t tell you what they were. I will get them in a few weeks. I guess we were so amazed that she was doing better that we didn’t listen too well.

So..jump ahead just one week. Only one week. The dog that couldn’t hold her head up to drink is driving me crazy. She is eating like a horse. Better than she has in months!! She follows me around the house. Doesn’t let the other dogs push her around. She is 15 1/2 and doing better than she has in forever. I can’t wait until we can have her checked again. I will let you know. We are so thrilled. All of us were just saying her eyes are clearer than they have been in over a year.

Walks with a bounce too. WOW!! We still can’t believe it. Thank you so much. I know we are

going to have to keep her on this for the full three weeks and talking about how we can keep her

on it for longer. We will keep you informed. You made our Christmas so great.


Beverly Vasterling

Murray, KY*

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Hi, Amanda

As the ‘anniversary’ approaches for the first year that Gabby has been on your treatment plan, I wanted to express my gratitude to you and to your pet botanicals.

In August, 2006, at Gabby’s check-up her BUN was slightly above normal at 27. I took her back to the vet in September because her poop was slimy and she was losing weight. Her BUN had increased to 40. The vet changed her prescription dog food from CD to KD. He wanted to recheck her blood in November at which time it was 50 and her weight was down from 13 lbs to 9.9 lbs. He said at that rate we would lose her sometime between Labor Day and Christmas of 2007.

While researching kidney disease, I found your website. Although I was doubtful, I noticed that you had a letter from Paul and Eleanor Rhodes from Reed Springs, MO. I grew up in that part of the state and spent many summers passing through Reed Springs on the way to the lake. I spoke with Pastor Rhodes and Mrs. Rhodes and they were convinced the products had saved their dog’s life and after my vet checked the ingredients, I started Gabby on the program December 17, 2006.

I noticed almost immediately that her appetite returned, her breath spelled better, not as much plaque build up on her teeth and her eyes looked brighter. Three weeks later on January 8, 2007, her BUN has decreased to 48 and her creatinine was normal at 1.4. The vet wanted her on the treatment plan for 3 weeks, off one week, etc.

That was the beginning and after each treatment, her numbers consistently improved. By May, our vet instructed us to NOT take her off the treatment plan.

Her last blood work was in September,2007 and she is so healthy that she hasn’t seen the vet in 3 months. Her weight is normal, her appetite is excellent and she plays like she did when she was a puppy. People think she is a puppy and are surprised that she’s 13 1/2. Although we no longer do the hydrotherapy, the vet wants us to continue the medicine as a preventative. He says that in his 30 years he’s never seen anything quite like this.

I, too, am convinced that we wouldn’t have a healthy, happy dog if it were not for your program.


Janet Davis

Branson West, MO*

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brandy martin

In July 2007 we took our twelve year old terrier mix, Cuddles (he has that name for a reason) to have his teeth cleaned. Instead we were given the news that he was in active kidney failure and had less than three months to live. We were heartbroken to say the least. After several weeks of crying and sadness, we decided to search out other alternatives for Cuddles. That is when we came upon Canine Kidney Health by Five Leaf. The program seemed too good to be true, but we had nothing to lose.

Cuddles’ Creatinine level was at 2.1 and his BUN level at 59 when we find out about his kidney failure. Our vet supported our decision to try the new approach and scheduled another blood test for three weeks. Much to her surprise, these levels were much better with a Creatinine level of 1.5 and a BUN level of 29. At the advice of Five Leaf, we did one more round of the cleansing tonic and returned to our vet three weeks later. Our vet was amazed to report that our Cuddles was now within normal range for Creatinine and BUN with numbers at 1.8 and 21 respectively.

That was nearly six months ago and I am happy to report that Cuddles is doing fine. We are constantly hearing about how good he looks and the increase in his energy. Instead of preparing Cuddles for death, we are taking him for long walks and trying to keep up with him. Thank you Five Leaf for offering hope when no one else would and for providing the support and guidance I was looking for in a time of pet crisis.

Luann Kida

Oxford, NY*

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Hi Amanda, It’s Tim and Heather Leonardi, proud customers of Five Leaf. You said to send you a testimonial once Winnie was all back to normal, and that glorious day arrived just a few short weeks ago! Here is a synopsis of our story, we hope that it will serve as some small measure of thanks for keeping our Winnie a healthy, happy dog for years to come!!!

On a routine visit to the veterinarian, my wife and I discovered that our beloved lab mix Winnie had elevated BUN and Creatinine levels. Our vet recommended a canine internal medicine specialist. My lovely wife returned from the specialist in tears, as she had been informed that Winnie was in complete kidney failure and likely had less than 6 months to live. The internal medicine specialist said that Winnie had lost function of one kidney and the other’s ability to operate up to her body’s needs was quickly deteriorating. My wife has had Winnie for several years, and when we began dating and got married I too fell in love with this wonderful dog just as she had years prior. While we were both very distraught, we were determined not to just sit and wait for what the specialist seemed to think was Winnie’s eventual demise.

In a frantic couple of days, we researched possible solutions. Everything seemed both incredibly invasive for Winnie, and upon discovering the Five Leaf website, we were very intrigued, although somewhat skeptical of the therapy program that was laid out. Maintaining a cautious attitude, we purchased our first kit and scheduled an appointment with the internal medicine specialist that would follow the first cycle.

Our first surprise came when Winnie absolutely LOVED the bean, vegetable and tofu mixture that constituted her daily diet. We piled her into the tub twice a day for hydrotherapy, and although she was a much bigger fan of the warm minute than the cold, she was a great dog through the whole process. Her energy level rose, especially after a walk or run, showing an exercise recovery time more akin to a puppy than a full grown dog. Although these were great signs, and we tried to maintain a positive attitude, we still harbored some fear for Winnie’s health and questions whether or not the Five Leaf program would be the answer for Winnie.

The fear, the doubts, and the questions all went away after Winnie’s first trip back to the specialist following her first cycle of the program. Her BUN plummeted back into the normal range, down from the mid 80s to the 23, and her Creatinine decreased to 2.1, down from 2.7!!! We immediately ordered another cycle to keep the Creatinine falling, and it did! The BUN remained constant and the Creatinine fell to a lowly 1.4! Winnie was BACK!!!!

Winnie is currently still on the bean, tofu, and veggie mix and loving it three times a day. Her best friend (besides my wife), Bear, our little beagle mix sometimes gets to lick her bowl and he seems to love the stuff too! We’re keeping her on the maintenance program and some dog greens and monitoring her kidneys closely. We are big believers in your program and hope that others will find you and be just as successful as we were in bringing back our beloved dog from the brink. Winnie is a happy, healthy dog again: running around, playing with Bear and our cats, and winning over everyone’s heart that she comes in contact with! We couldn’t be happier: with Winnie as our dog or the wonderful program that you have at Five Leaf Pharmacies. Feel free to use this or paraphrase it in any way, but please accept it as our sincere thanks for the role you played in saving our pet.


Tim and Heather Leonardi*

November 2007

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brandy martin

August 23, 2007

I have just received my lab results for my golden retriever, Brandy. It has been 3 weeks since we began the program of the food and herbal treatments recommended by the Five Leaf.

I must say I never thought I would make it 3 weeks! It was my last chance to treat Brandy for her kidney disease. I was willing to dedicate the 3 weeks required, at sometimes wondering if perhaps I was just looking for a remedy that would help, any remedy, when I came upon I was doubtful, I was skeptic. I was desperate. I called. Skye was the person I spoke with. I decided to “go for it”

So………… here are the results……… Brandy’s Bun is 22 – normal, Brandy’s Creatinine is 0.8 – normal, Brandy’s Phosphorus is 4.4 – normal, Skye said to dance for joy! I was still skeptical when she said celebrate! Her tests are great! You have your dog back!!! It was hard for me to believe, but, I am so, so, greatful. thank you, thank you, thank you. Marcia Martin and of course Brandy.

Marcia Martin

Massachusetts, USA*

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August 17/07

My dog Blackie is a 14 year old Cocker spaniel. I adopted her 8 years ago. She is blind and over the time I have had her her only health issue has been an issue with inflammatory bowls. Other than that and more recently some hip issues, she has been healthy.

About four months ago she rather quickly became ill–not eating, throwing up. I took her to the emergency room where she was diagnosed with kidney failure. Her creatinine number was 6.1 and her BUN,216. She was hospitalized and placed on fluids and antibiotics–the latter in case the issue was an infection. I was told if after 48 hours the numbers dropped by 50% it would be a good sign. Unfortunately, They did not–only about 25%. I was sent home with aluminum hydroxide (a phosphorus binder) and fluids to give to her under the skin and told to get and give her azodyl. Although not said bluntly, I felt the message was: there is little that can be done and this is palliative care.

The first day she was home I felt powerless, hopeless. That night I prayed and when I got up the next day I was resolved not to surrender without a fight. I went to the Web and found CannineKidneyHealth.Com. I called, I listened. Hope was restored. I immediately moved her to the recommended organic diet and distilled water–and was happy when she ate it and kept it down. I ordered the greens and the drops. I took the program to my holistic vet, and he told me he was familiar with the Dr.’s who had put it together and approved me putting her on the program. One week later, her numbers were: creatinine 1.46 and BUN 103. My regular vet was pleasantly surprised. About three weeks later her creatinine was 1.1 and her BUN was 81. Her phosphorus was also within normal limits–a little on the high end but normal, and that is where they have remained.

The numbers are only part of the good story: She is more alert and active than in several years. Her bowls are normal–which seems to be a byproduct of the new diet. I have given her the aluminum hydroxide, the fluids and the azodyl too, and for good measure I have had acupuncture and given her Chinese herbs recommended by my holistic vet, but I am absolutely sure that the improvement has been primarily do to the Canine Kidney Health program. I know she cannot live forever–none of us can–but I am sure that I am going to have for a lot longer than I would have had I not found

Thank you Skye!

September 10/07

Just wanted to let you know latest on Blackie——had blood work done on Saturday results are essentially same on creatinine and phosphorous–both normal. Good news on BUN—went down 35 points from 80 to 55. I have been doing the hydro twice daily and it seems to be working.

Larry Boggs*

Virginia, USA*

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kodi ramsay

March 29/07

Amanda, I may not have elaborated enough on Kodi’s main problem that you fixed. Bob laughed & said, she didn’t need an autobiography! LOL So, I have to tell you that when she was diagnosed with cirhosis of the liver & kidney failure, after seeing blood on her bottom. I was scared to death. She then was operated on a spot inside her colon, which Doc thought was the problem, but it wasn’t, he said it was much worse. That’s where the other diagnosis came in. Doc I’m sure knew that she didn’t have long to live, so he told us to feed her anything she wanted, just to try & keep some weight on her & keep her alive, but it only gave her diarhrea and was getting so skinny. We knew that she was so close to death. That’s when we found Amanda! Thank God!!! She wouldn’t respond to my Mom, stay in a corner, and didn’t interact with us. Oh, but now, I want to HUG Amanda for helping my “kid” have the best time of her life!!! Thanks!!! Shordy Ramsey & Kodi

March 19/07

My Princess Jr. Kodi was abandoned by her mother at birth, so she had no immune system. I got her at about 5-6 weeks. I immediately fell in love with her. she soon became being called my “million dollar dog.” She had so many things wrong with her. I will try to condense her story because it’s quite long. She lost her back left leg at the age of 2 because of a trap! Then at the same age she got pancreatitis…my own fault, I was so uninformed, I didn’t feed her pork, but, I put pork juice on her food…which sent her into pancreatitis, and she almost died, Doc said there was one anitbiotic he called it, the big gun, and if it didn’t work, then she wouldn’t make it.

One of the next things she got was sweatgland cancer, I found a lump on her front right hand, and since she only had the 3

legs I just couldn’t see her trying to make it with only two legs, but…we do have it on video of her walking with the two, because when Doc did a biopsy, it was wrapped up & she won’t use it if it’s wrapped up! So, she walked with 2 opposite legs. We were then referred to U of I in Champaign and got radiation for a month, and after 2 yrs of checkups she got a clean bill of health. She became the Ramada mascot!

Then she got Cirrhosis of the liver at the age of 16 and also was into kidney failure, she was operating on 1/2 of one kidney. My perfect Vet that loved her so much since she was born, he said to give her anything she wants to eat and that was that. I know it killed him, knowing that medicine had taken her as far as it could. Looking back I realized that he knew that she didn’t have long. But of course, she’s my kid, so we went out on a limb, and thank God found Amanda’s website. I cannot tell you how much she’s improved, well maybe I can by saying my Vet now is giving Amanda’s website to his clients. That says a lot, my Kodi’s enzyme levels has made a believer out of him. This last time my Vet said, first off he wished his bloodwork was that good. Also he said that they were as close to percfect as they can get. I can tell you that it has taken her back to where she was 5 years ago. Now looking back, we see how sick she was, but we chocked it up to age.

Amanda’s treatments have brought her back to a “kid”. I also learned the first time you put the food in front of them, the pureed vegetables, that they may not eat it the first time, but the 2nd time I’ve put it in front of 4 dogs, that they ate it that time. (enzyme levels follow)…. Her enzyes were as follows, her two liver enzymes right before we started the treatment were : ALKP-1499 & ALT-off the chart too high to register after 1 month of Amanda’s treatments: ALKP-158 & ALT-148 2nd month after treatment: ALKP-129 & ALT-148 The 2 kidney enzymes: before treatment: BUN-36 & Creatinine-1.8 1 month after treatment: BUN-34 & Creatinine-1.3 2nd month after treatment: BUN-24 & Creatinine-1.4

March 3/07

We can’t thank you enough for our Kodi’s health! You’ve taken off at least 5 years of her life, she’s went back to when she was almost a baby! We saw a change in her almost since day one of your treatment. We are amazed at her every day! I wish I could hug you, you have given me back my “canine kid.” She’s doing so wonderful, you have made me a firm believer in herbal treatments, at least for dogs!

Thank YOU SO much for giving me my 16 year old dog back to when she was SO young! Not to mention from something that was life threatening, and that our Vet had pretty much given up on her because modern medicine had taken her as far as it could.

Thank YOU Amanda!!!! Shordy, Bob, and most of all Kodi Ramsey

Karen (Shordy) Ramsey*

Illinois, USA*

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brandy martin

Here is the story of Jasper so far. Last February 06 Jasper became critically ill, he was admitted to the vets which is just down the road from my house luckily. He nearly died apparently. Tests showed that he had a urinary infection and his liver and kidneys was struggling. They thought it might be leptospirosis. As a secondary condition he was also diagnosed with hypothyroidism. The following year was a slow revelation that he was producing Struvite kidney stones and he had renal failure. The renal failure part did not register properly with me as the emphasis was always on the stones. Because they could block his urethra and this would be fatal. Also in time we discovered that Jasper had kidney stones. Whereas struvites are the most common stones in dogs kidney stones are rare. He was referred to the Royal Veterinary College & The Queen Mother Hospital for Small Animals for assessment in April 2006. Test results: Urea 33.6 Ref range 3-9.1mmol/L Creatinine 288 Ref range 98-163mmol/L Amylase 1622 Ref range 176-1245U/L Blood >3+ In October phosphorous was 4.9 By the beginning of December Jasper had stopped urinating & he had blocked. This was an emergency and he was admitted to the Royal Veterinary College again. I was always worried about the surgery because his kidneys would suffer. He had surgery to remove the stones. He came out of it but looked sorry. However, bad news followed, the vets had missed some stones and had to go back in. A second surgery in 5 days! This did not bode well. He came out on the 18 December 06, shaky and a bet sad. He slowly improved but by the 4th January 2007, he was obviously not well. Lethargic and unhappy, no appetite. He was admitted to the vets for IV fluid kidney flush. During this time I had been scouring the net for something to help I found 5 Leaf and just decided I had nothing to lose so I bought the programme on Satruday thinking it would take a week or so but it arrived on Monday the day that Jasper was released home TO DIE. The vets said his kidney values were sky high. Phosphorus 5.19 Creatinine 3.20 They offered to come to the house to put him to sleep. They did not even send off the urine sample because they thought he would be dead in 2 days. Well, I started him on the programme IMMEDIATELY and he very slowly improved. He was eating small amount of homemade food, baby food and kidney support with with some phosphorous binder added. He had one more weekend of IV fluids the flowing weekend, just to give him a boost and get the herbs moving around his body. He gradually improved and the vets were a little baffled. I did not tell they what I was doing until I was sure beyond THEIR reasonable doubt that he really was recovering. 5 weeks into the programme a different vet suggested blood tests and they were amazed. Phosphorus down to 2.31 (normal) 2.19 Creatinine 1.94. I was SO delighted and Jasper was like a new dog, his coat was glossy, he was lively and interested and his appetite was huge. We started him on Sub-Q fluids every 4 days or so just to keep him on the safe side of hydrated. The herbs saved Jasper’s life and kidneys. No doubt the programme really does pull dogs back from the brink of death. So with the utmost gratitude for saving Jasper and keeping hope alive, I salute Amanda and Five Leaf.

With deepest thanks,

Elizabeth McCarthy and Jasper.

United Kingdom*

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July 7, 2006


May I take this opportunity to recommend the Canine Kidney Health Products that Five Leaf provided to me when my 5 year old chocolate lab “Love” was diagnosed with renal failure in February 2006. The prognosis for her recovery was not good. Because of this I got on the internet and came across the Five Leaf program. Desperate to do anything I could, I called Five Leaf and ordered the products.

Her condition has improved greatly. In fact, she is more active than she has been in years.

Renal failure as I have found out, is not a death sentence for our beloved pets. Five Leaf has made my dog whole again.

Thank you so much!!!!

Daryl W. Hixenbaugh

Stockdale, PA*

*Results shared in reviews are not typical; your results may vary.

tova mackert

On September 26th, 2006, I took our 7 ½ year old Keeshond, Tova, to our veterinarian due to some changes I had noticed in her skin and coat, as well as in her overall health which did not seem up to par. The vet tested Tova for all the conditions that are normally manifested by her skin and coat symptoms as well as a full battery of blood and urine tests.

While the test results did not show anything regarding her skin and coat, the urine test revealed that she was “in the early stages of chronic kidney failure”. On the vet’s recommendation, we proceeded with a three-day I-V hydration treatment. During that time I researched treatments on-line, and found the kidney treatment of the Five Leaf. My husband and I agreed to try to Five Leaf treatment.

We had just begun the treatment (drops, diet, exercise and hydrotherapy) when the vet wanted to re-test Tova following her hydration treatments. The results showed that Tova’s levels had increased for the worse, but the vet did not share the actual results with me so as to keep me from “panicking”. While continuing the Five Leaf treatment, we had Tova’s teeth cleaned since they were quite bad. During the cleaning, the vet extracted one of her teeth as it had been fractured and was decaying.

Following the completion of the Five Leaf treatment, we had Tova tested again. The results were all perfectly NORMAL! On seeing Tova, the vet was quite impressed with how well she looked and acted, commenting on the fact that Tova looks “years younger”, and no longer has a “stressed” look.

It has now been 3½ months and Tova is doing very well. We have kept her on the diet prescribed by the Five Leaf and have noticed other benefits. Since she was a puppy, Tova has never had much interest in eating and for the past 1½ years the vet has had Tova on Pepcid tablets to help with her digestive system. I took her off the tablets when beginning the Five Leaf treatment and have not needed to place Tova on them again. She LOVES the Five Leaf diet and eats her food without coaxing, and at record pace!

My husband and I are so grateful to Amanda and the Five Leaf for all their help and their overall care and concern for canine heath. We have recommended the Five Leaf to our veterinarian and to others and do so whole-heartedly!


R. Mackert

Washington, USA*

*Results shared in reviews are not typical; your results may vary.


For 13 years we have takin the best of care i believed of the best dog ever,Taz. At the age of 10 was couging or choking when he lay a certain way. We as always, trying to take the best of care, took him to our vet. Heart disease was the diagnosis. Of course whatever it takes meds meds and more meds. I have to say i always hated to see all the stuff he took salix 3 a day, enalapril 2 a day, 2 a day tussigon, 1 a day thyrossin all taking their toll on his kidneys. Not to mention all of the steroids he has been given for the allergies over the years.

All seemed to be stable till Sept of 05. We left for a vacation for 4 days and as always we left Taz in grandma’s hands. Well my wife called to check on things each day. Well Taz wasn’t eating but thats how he has always protested our leaving him for any log time. He was only drinking alot of water. So we were already coming home we got the usual happy greeting from Taz. So we started to see if he would eat and he acted like he wanted to but as soon as he did eat a little up it came. This scared us, this is not Taz. So after a few more days and again going to the vet we were told kidney disease after a blood test. We were told the heart disease was under control but the kidney disease WILL KILL him.

This absolutely crushed us we again decided as long as he is not suffering we’ll do it. So fluids daily till he started eatin again. So in Nov he was back to eatin and actin a little better. The hole time we were prayin for him to make it till each of our Bdays in Nov then before Xmas it happened again. We was told that we had to go back to fluids every day. Well we tried this but nothing they tried was working. We were losing him so i started checkin the net for k9 kidney disease and found this site. Skeptical to say the least but kept it in mind. After a few days the vet was leaving the next day for vac says to us if you need us we’ll be ready to help. Meaning put Taz down knowin it’s close to time since he has went from 16lbs to 11.9. This told us what we were thinkin already but could’t say.

So when we got home i told my wife we had to try this treatment or thats it. I could not put my best friend through much more. We agreed that if this did not work we would have tried everything. So i spoke to Amanda and filled her in on Tazz’s condition. I asked if it was too late and she replied if he’s breathing it’s never too late to try. So we ordered everything and began treatment, Taz still didn’t eat so we would force feed him. After each week he would act a little better but not eat, i felt almost like he forgot how. So one day while force feeding him i said Tazz if you don’t start eatin on your own we are startin to lose hope in tryin.

That next day i returned home from pickin up a fast food meal at Mcd’s. Well Taz went nuts on the smell, well if he would take any thing he could have it. He inhaled my sandwich we were so happy to see this. Hope had returned w/ the name of Amanda Banting my dogs guardian angel because hope was gone my dog was gone till we tried this life changing, eyeopening treatment.

Taz has been doin great and the other day the vet said he looked 5yrs younger. She cannot explain Tazz’s recovery but as of now he is off all prescription meds unbelievable as the vet said after we broke that news after the 5 yr comment. She said oh my, I must keep an eye on his heart my wife said not really he’s been off of them for months, her jaw dropped. The sad thing is are all the people we see come in and out of the vet and with the same problems without ever even the word of this alternative treatment SAD.


Sincerely, Keith Kim and Tazz, 14 and still goin strong.*

June 28, 2006

*Results shared in reviews are not typical; your results may vary.



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brandy martin

Our 12 year old yellow lab, Rally, was very ill out of the blue one Sunday afternoon. She was vomiting and not acting like her happy self. After my wonderful neighbor (lucky for us, our local veterinarian!) examined her, he suggested settling her stomach because you never know what labs may eat. He also told us to monitor her carefully for a day or two. On Tuesday she wasn't much better, so we took her to the vet. They took blood and discovered her kidney values were off the charts—9.7 Creatinine and 155 BUN—diagnosing her with Kidney Failure. We were shocked, devastated and beside ourselves. They kept her for three nights administering IV fluids and giving her proper medicine... Even though I was skeptical, I knew there was hope because Rally was always a very healthy, active dog... I began the program immediately and sure enough after the first cycle, Rally's Creatinine dropped to 2.8 and BUN dropped to 36. After the second round her Creatinine was 2.1 and BUN was 16!!! We were (and still are!) jubilant!!*

*Testimonial results not typical; your results may vary.

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Hi and welcome to Five Leaf Pet Botanicals. My name is Amanda Banting, I am a Herbalist and the founder of Five Leaf Pet Botanicals.

We have been helping dogs with kidney, heart and liver disease live happier, healthier, longer lives for over ten years. Please read my story below to get an idea of who we are and how we can help.

Fourteen years ago one of my seven dogs, Tom (he was 6 years old at the time and my eldest), was diagnosed with heart disease, he was given only 6 - 12 months to live. I was devastated. My dogs are my children, so I could not accept his prognosis. I was already practicing natural healing and was very knowledgeable in the power of herbs as medicine, but my education had focused on treating humans, not canines. I, like many other dog owners, thought dogs were dogs - they were fed kibble, brought for walks, given vaccines here and there and they would live into their teens, hopefully dying in their sleep.

Since all my dogs were still young and relatively healthy up until that point, I never had to think about treating them with herbs and natural healing. Since the Vets had given me no hope for Tom and actually told me flat out ''there is no cure for heart disease'' I felt I had no choice but to take matters into my own hands...