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Five Leaf Pet Botanicals’ reviews page is the customer focused part of our site, where customers offer reviews of our Kidney Health Program. All emails, letters and photos were submitted voluntarily.

There’s a good reason why so many people decide to share their stories with us. The Canine Kidney Health Program is the best natural support you can give your dog. But don’t take my word for it, just read the incredible stories from real people below, and visit this page regularly to read the latest Canine Kidney Health program reviews.

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  • ​My rescued 7 year old Bijon mix, Miss Lizzie

    I did research on canine kidney diets. That is how I found Five Leaf Pet Botanicals. I read everything on the website.

    I bought enough tinctures to do 4 rounds.

    Truly amazing….She has so much life in her.

    Vickie Adams
    Federal Way, WA
    Lizzie’s Veterinarian: Dr. Tberg**

    **This does not necessarily imply that Dr. Tberg recommends or endorses our products.

  • ​Bags is our “big” girl – she’s our 14 pound Yorkie and will be 15 years old

    She stays on a maintenance program with herbs in her meals and is bright, happy, healthy and medication free. Amanda’s programs are wonderful.

    Diane Atwell

    Santa Fe, NM

  • Max and Nicky

    I have nothing but wonderful things to say about Canine Kidney Health! The contact person, Renee, is wonderful. She spends the time with you to answer all of your questions and concerns.

    I can’t thank this program enough! I’m so happy and grateful to Canine Kidney Health

    Stacy Costabile

    Englewood, NJ*”

  • Willow

    We rescued Willow at about age 10.

    I searched the internet of information and came across this website. All the reviews were significant. I purchased the liver and kidney product,

    The vet and I were happily surprised Thank you so much!

    Heidi Graf
    Oak Harbor, WA
    Willow’s Veterinarian: Whidbey NAS ResultsVet**

    **This does not necessarily imply that Whidbey NAS Vet recommends or endorses our products.

  • ​Shellie is a 14 year old Shetland Sheepdog.

    Shellie is my first dog and she’s with me 24/7 for the past 14 years. I spent time with her more than my own children.

    One of my friends told me to try the herbs that she gave to her dog two years ago.

    I started to give Shellie the herbs.

    I am SO HAPPY!!!!!

    Katherine Lai
    Foster City, CA
    Shellie’s Veterinarian: Dr. Wendy Wallace**

    **This does not necessarily imply that Dr. Wendy Wallace recommends or endorses our products.

  • ​My 12 yr old dog

    My husband and I could not have children, and when he brought her home, saved by a friend from being a “bait dog”, I never knew how much you could love an animal

    I found your website, read the reviews

    I’m so glad I found your product.

    Tracie Martin
    Soquel, CA
    Lulu’s Veterinarian: Dr. Martin**

    **This does not necessarily imply that Dr. Martin recommends or endorses our products

  • Tahoe

    Two years end of Jan. I was able to celebrate her and my cat’s 16th birthday in November. I have learned so much and still manage her care with use of your products

    You are more than welcome to use this or have anyone call me for a recommendation, I do plan on hoping to speak with you again …to thank you in person …I can’t thank you enough.

    Lisa Bell

    Antelope, CA

  • My Bearded Collie Samantha

    I cannot say enough great things about this system.

    Some people think that making all this food will be a hassle and expensive. I will tell you it is cheaper than the prescription dog food. It takes me about a day to make 6 months of food for her ahead of time and freeze it so the wife doesn’t have to worry about making it while I am gone. I portion it into ziplock bags and this works perfectly!

    This program is amazing! Please give this a chance, your pet will love you for it I promise!

    Oh and if you ever email this site, they get back to you very fast and have great advice. Best money I ever spent on my spoiled little brat! Finally someone online that has a product that not only works, it works so well. I can not recommend this product or say thank you enough!

    William Hilliard
    Adelanto, CA
    Samantha’s Veterinarian: Banfield Vet Clinic**

    **This does not necessarily imply that Banfield Vet Clinic recommends or endorses our products.

  • Lucy

    We adopted Lucy from Baldwin Park. They really had no idea how old she was? But we all knew she had a rough life. Our Vet guesses Lucy was 9, so that puts her about 12 now. She’s a Chihuahua/Wiener dog mix, a Chi-Weenie and we love her dearly.

    I had purchased from Five Leaf Pet Botanicals and we started her on them, it was really hard to give her, we tried to hide it in treats? Nope, dog food? Nope, and then we bought a couple syringes and Vanilla Yogurt (Thank you for whomever figured that out on here) it saved our butts.

    I am so thankful and appreciate it and her every day.

    XXOO Five Leaf Pet Botanicals

    Sondra & Kirk Peters
    Mission Viejo, CA
    Lucy’s Veterinarian: Dr. Stephanie**

    **This does not necessarily imply that Dr. Stephanie recommends or endorses our products.

  • My dog Candy

    Thank you so much for what you have done for Candy.

    Terry Lewis
    Billerica, MA
    Candy’s Veterinarian: Dr Dawn Brooks**

    **This does not necessarily imply that Dr. Dawn Brooks recommends or endorses our products.

  • Sparky is a Maltese and is 9 years old.

    I came across Five Leaf website

    while I was doing some research. I read a lot of wonderful reviews of happy pet owners.

    So, I ordered the set and dog greens and started him on it.

    Thank you, Five Leaf Pet Botanicals!!!

    Gladys Nooner
    Rosemount, MN
    Sparky’s Veterinarian: Dr Wineke**

    **This does not necessarily imply that Dr Wineke recommends or endorses our products.

  • Chiquita

    Chiquita is my brother’s dog of 14 years. I had ordered Five Leaf Botanicals and it arrived 2 days later. I gave it to her that evening and there after 4 x’s a day.

    We are thankful

    Mary J. Mendoza
    Ontario, CA
    Chiquita’s Veterinarian: William J Dickey DVM

    **This does not necessarily imply that Willian J Dickey DVM recommends or endorses our products.

  • Oliver

    Please try it. If you have any questions – please do not hesitate to email me at

    Roxanne Chihos
    Rogers, MN
    Oliver’s Veterinarian: Dr Scott Jacobs**

    **This does not necessarily imply that Dr Scott Jacobs recommends or endorses our products.

  • ​My name is Heeran Workman from Omaha, my beautiful Minhae.

    Thank you Five Leaf. I am planning on doing continuous 2 more rounds before going on the maintenance.

    Thank you once again.

    Heeran Workman
    Omaha, NE

    Minhae’s Veterinarian: Dr Charlie Morgan**

    **This does not necessarily imply that Dr Charlie Morgan recommends or endorses our products.

  • Our 12 year old Golden Retriever, Hunter

    This program is AMAZING!! If anyone wants my program that I gave to Hunter, my email is Marcie

    Marcie Jackson
    Canisteo, NY
    Hunter’s Veterinarian: Cortney**

    **This does not necessarily imply that Cortney recommends or endorses our products.

  • ​I have a little 3 lb chihuahua named star, she is 5 yrs old.

    I am so glad I found Five leaf pet Botanicals.

    Donna Antolick
    Cleona, PA

    Star’s Veterinarian: Dr Semmens/Veterinary Med Ctr of Lebanon PA**

    **This does not necessarily imply that Dr Semmens/Veterinary Med Ctr of Lebanon PA recommends or endorses our products.

  • ​My 11 yr old Springer Spaniel, Rupert

    Needless to say, I highly recommend this product for your babies.

    Heather Parsons
    Parker, CO

    Rupert's Veterinarian: Dr. Shawn Messonier

  • ​Spanky, my 11 y/o mini schnauzer

    Please try the products, follow the program.

    I just want to express my gratitude.

    I recommend your program to everyone. I will continue to use your products for as long as I have dogs to give them to! Thank you!!!

    Maria Mazziotti
    East Meadow, NY

    Spanky's Veterinarian: Dr. Jason Mansfield

  • Benjii

    I found Five Leaf & I took a chance and ordered the Kidney Health starter kit.

    Well let me tell you, THIS STUFF WORKS!

    Thank you Five Leaf!

    Rachael Stavros
    Winston Salem, NC

    Benji's Veterinarian: Animal Ark Veterinary Hospital

  • ​Our 7 year old Goldendoodle, Bob Barker

    We went to the Internet and found Five Leaf. We purchased the kidney program.

    We will be forever grateful!

    Chris Smith
    Freeport, PA

    Bob Barker's Veterinarian: Dr. Purvis

  • Nosey Nick

    I absolutely would recommend Five Leaf, Amanda and everything that she has to offer for any pet.


    Jean Fitzpatrick
    Radcliff, KY

    Nosey Nick's Veterinarian: Dr. Nall/Etown Animal Hospital

  • Charlie

    Thank God for you for developing this amazing program. I tell absolutely everyone about it. You even inspired my niece to make home made food for her cats who have always been healthy.

    Thank you Amanda!

    Cheryl from Virginia (another one)
    Buffalo JCT, VA

    Charlie's Veterinarian: Dr. Allen Dahl, Clarksville Veterinary Clinic, VA

  • Ruby


    We are forever grateful to FIVE LEAF PET and their program and continued online support and personal e-mail responses.

    Raymond Wilder
    Bethlehem, PA

    Ruby's Veterinarian: Patricia McMahon

  • Samson a 2 year old Rottweiler

    I just wanted to write to say “thank you” for sharing your product. I loved your story and am so grateful to have found your product!

    Natale Lessey
    Long Beach, CA

    Samson's Veterinarian: Rober Woods, Integrative Veterinary Health Center

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