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Five Leaf Pet Botanicals’ reviews page is the customer focused part of our site, where customers offer reviews of our Kidney Health Program. All emails, letters and photos were submitted voluntarily.

There’s a good reason why so many people decide to share their stories with us. The Canine Kidney Health Program is the best natural support you can give your dog. But don’t take my word for it, just read the incredible stories from real people below, and visit this page regularly to read the latest Canine Kidney Health program reviews.

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  • Gracie

    My 15 year old dog, Gracie

    My vet told me about the Five Leaf Pet Botanical Program.

    He said he thought it was

    worth trying.

    I am so grateful. Gracie is

    now 16 and is on the maintenance program.


    New Port Richey FL

    Veterinarian's Name: Dr . Griffin

  • Chencho

    Our 13 year old dachshund Chencho

    We searched on-line… 5 Leaf canine kidney health.

    Nine weeks of following the 5 Leaf canine kidney health…Chencho also enjoys the heat and cold therapy too.

    We will continue the program.

    We and Chencho thank God and 5 Leaf


    Tempe AZ

    Veterinarian's Name: Dr Kile

  • Prince

    My dog Prince

    I want to say thank you for creating such an amazing products. I’m so thankful I found y’all.

    I’ve always believed in the holistic approach and after researching I came across this product, and just wow! I followed their steps and changed my dog

    to homemade food.

    I highly recommend and I’m forever grateful


    Stockton CA

  • Tova

    Our 7 ½ year old Keeshond Tova

    I researched on-line, and found Five Leaf. My husband and I agreed to try Five Leaf

    She LOVES the Five Leaf diet and eats her food without coaxing, and at record pace!

    My husband and I are so grateful to Amanda and the Five Leaf for all their help and their overall care and concern for canine heath. We have recommended the Five Leaf to our veterinarian and to others and do so whole-heartedly!


    R. Mackert

    Washington, USA

  • Jasper

    Here is the story of Jasper

    I had been scouring the net…. I found 5 Leaf

    I started him on the programme IMMEDIATELY

    I salute Amanda and the Five Leaf.

    With deepest thanks,

    Elizabeth McCarthy and Jasper.

    United Kingdom

  • ​My golden retriever, Brandy.

    It has been 3 weeks since we began the program of the food and herbals recommended by the Five Leaf.

    I am so, so, greatful. thank you, thank you, thank you. Marcia Martin and of course Brandy.

    Marcia Martin
    Massachusetts, USA

  • Winnie

    It’s Tim and Heather Leonardi, proud customers of Five Leaf.

    Upon discovering the Five Leaf website, we were very intrigued, although somewhat skeptical of the program that was laid out.

    Winnie absolutely LOVED the bean, vegetable and tofu mixture that constituted her daily diet. We piled her into the tub twice a day for hydrotherapy, and although she was a much bigger fan of the warm minute than the cold, she was a great dog through the whole process.

    We couldn’t be happier: with Winnie as our dog or the wonderful program that you have at Five Leaf.


    Tim and Heather Leonardi

  • ​Hi, my name is Sugie Day & my little friend here is Noodles. Noodles is a miniature dachshund & we live in Austin, TX

    We ordered the products to come overnight & anxiously awaited them to arrive.

    She finished that first three week cycle…..then followed up with another 3 week program cycle

    What can I say about Canine Kidney Health, but thank you

    Sugie Day

    Austin, TX

  • ​My name is Zeus and I’m 3yrs old Japanese Akita.

    I have a wonderful family who love and spoil me alot, mom Cathy will do everything for me and dad John

    On the internet Mom come across FIVE LEAF …..she ordered the lot. RENAL, HEPERA, & BLOOD cleansing tonics, and the pet greens (don’t like that one).

    I have now been on the program for 7months





  • Candi

    Paul and Eleanor Rhodes here, I just want to let you know how Candi is doing.

    This is her last week on the drops, food, coconut and hydrotherapy

    So we just want to THANK YOU so very much.


    Will surely reccommend you to anyone that would need your services.

    Paul and Eleanor Rhodes
    Shell Knob, Mo

  • Bomber

    My fourteen year old mini-schnauzer, Bomber, has been with me since he was 8 weeks old. I can’t even begin to tell you what he means to me.

    I found the Five Leaf and with much skepticism ordered the cleaning kit and started preparing the sweet potato/greens recipe provided on the website.

    Thank you Amanda for your patience with me and your compassion and knowledge that you share so readily!!

    Karen (& Bomber) Shoeman

    Irvine, CA

  • L.D.

    Hi Amanda …and everyone at 5 Leaf,

    I have been using your recipes, products and advice for my 13 year old cocker spaniel, L.D. since November.

    L.D. has been on all three of your food recipes with the latest being the raw meat/veggie combo as per Amanda’s suggestion.

    This morning she was barking at me to hurry up and get the food into her bowl as she danced around the kitchen. She loves it especially with the “Dog Greens” mixed in.

    THANKS from both L.D. and her Mom!!

    Judy Hildebrand and L.D.

    Rising Fawn, GA

  • Snowy

    Snowy was the sweetest most obedient dog I picked up one day at my estate. Although he was either lost or abandoned, yet was standing on his two hind legs and begging with his two front paws to every passerby. He was the very first Maltese, I’d set eyes upon. His long hair was tangled, and I was sure he hadn’t had a meal for days. I picked him up, brought him home, bathed him and fed bread and milk. So began my journey with him, he became a shadow behind me, always following me. He knew that I saved him. And he knew with all of his little dog conscience, how to appreciate that. When I got married snowy and my wife became best buddies, and he became an irreplaceable part of our little family. Extremely jealous of her at first though, little knowing, that it was she who partly encouraged me to take him in, when I found him a year earlier.

    Through intense research on the web, my wife came across the Five Leaf website, run by Amanda

    We placed an order right away.

    Within 3 days I received her package through overnight delivery

    We are ever so grateful to Amanda and to God who directed my wife to come across her website.

    Shehan & Chathuri


  • ​Phoebe is our adventurous 9 month old puppy.

    I went on the internet, and found Five Leaf. It was 9pm on a Friday night

    We did the whole three week program….exactly!

    Thank you, thank you, Five Leaf!

    Martha Heinkel

    Cranford, NJ

  • ​Our nine year old sheltie, Shelly.

    We searched all over the Internet learning as much as we could…Finally we found Five Leaf

    We started Shelly immediately.

    We are so thankful that we found the Five Leaf.

    Donna Shivar

    Norfolk, VA

  • Punky

    I adopted a 9 year old Deaf Australian Terrier mix in October.

    I did an internet search and found you.

    Punky has been on your diet and supplements since November.

    I am keeping him on this diet since he loves his food. I just want to thank you for your help.

    I have recommended your site and diet to many people, they are especially interested after they hear Punky’s story.

    Thank You

    Punky Thanks you too!!

    M.E. Lehn

    Westport CT

  • ​Our 8 year old cocker spaniel Moongchi

    We contacted Amanda by telephone and found her very attentive and helpful, two days later the FedEx man arrived.

    We are so grateful to Five Leaf and all the help Amanda has provided on the way.

    Graham and Younyoung Harvey

    London, UK

  • I wanted to write with praises on your product.

    I found five leaf online and overnighted the products.

    My dog is active, playful, hungry, and living life to its fullest.

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    Jessica Baldwin

    Boise ID

  • Emma

    Our beloved 13-year-old Bichon Frise, Emma,

    I found the Five Leaf. Luckily, I got Amanda on the phone.

    I started Emma on distilled water, hydrobaths, and organic meat and vegetables

    We have continued to feed Emma a raw meat and organic vegetable diet. We periodically do a cleansing with the drops from Five Leaf.

    Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

    Debra and Jobe Westerfelt

    Wooster, Ohio

  • ​4 ½ year old Cane Corso Laila

    Searching on the net came across the Five Leaf…Amanda was really helpful

    Few days later we’ve received the program.

    Thank you so much Amanda.

    Lots of love,

    Laila Bali

    Szekesfehervar, Hungary

  • ​Our 12 year old yellow lab, Rally,

    I did exhaustive research, coming across the Canine Kidney Health website and Five Leaf.

    I had a wonderful “connection” with Amanda. She was incredibly gentle, kind, empathetic and knowledgeable.

    I will always be grateful to Amanda and Five Leaf.

    We (my husband and three small children) enjoy every single day with Rally and appreciate more than ever her big brown eyes, wagging tail, unconditional love and the pure joy she brings us.

    Renae Khalil

  • Heidi

    Heidi came to my wife June and I from a lovely breeder at Cowra, a country town in mid-Western New South Wales (N.S.W), Australia. We picked her up at the age of 7 weeks and she came home with us to Kiama, on the South Coast of N.S.W. She settled in with us and our other Sheltie (Shetland Sheepdog) Toby, an exciting sable-merle boy.

    Got on the internet and I found Amanda’s Five Leaf Pet Pharmacy, with some good recommendations. I immediately made contact via the website and ordered the program. It arrived in Australia in 2 days!

    I am forever grateful to Amanda for her program.

    Forever grateful,
    Tony Mitchell
    Kiama N.S.W. Australia

  • Lupo

    We got Lupo at 3 1/2 – 4 months old as a rescue.

    my wife and I found this website and overnighted the six week package.

    the website which gives information that is useful about diet and care. Special thanks to Amanda for all the help keeping in contact with me and answering all my questions!

    Ottavia and Parisa Borgia
    Fresno, CA

  • ​My dog, Smoke, an 11 year old black lab/ridgeback mix,

    I contacted Five Leaf.

    I can’t thank Amanda enough…

    Thanks so much Amanda!

    With much gratitude,

    Ernie Migali
    Philadelphia, PA

    Smoke’s Veterinarian: Dr. Peter Chapman**

    **This does not necessarily imply that Dr. Peter Chapman recommends or endorses our products.

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