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Five Leaf Pet Botanicals’ reviews page is the customer focused part of our site, where customers offer reviews of our Kidney Health Program. All emails, letters and photos were submitted voluntarily.

There’s a good reason why so many people decide to share their stories with us. The Canine Kidney Health Program is the best natural support you can give your dog. But don’t take my word for it, just read the incredible stories from real people below, and visit this page regularly to read the latest Canine Kidney Health program reviews.

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  • We believe God led us to Five Leaf Pet Botanicals and the wonderful insights of Amanda.

    I read the reviews and was skeptical but desperate to help our little guy!! I called and spoke with Amanda who I believe is an angel sent from above.

    She was so patient with the dozens of questions I had about the protocol.

    I ordered the program. I was very diligent about the program and changed his diet.

    Linda Graham
    Bennington, VT

  • Buster

    I would like to thank you for that from the bottom of my heart. This would not have been possible without you!!

    Karin Berger

    Rio Rancho, NY

  • Bryn is my 13.5 year old border collie who lives with me and my other 2 collies in Wales, UK.

    So the action plan was in place - Canine Kidney Health herbal program, a high quality raw diet and acupuncture. I placed my order with Amanda on a Friday and the parcel duly arrived from across the Atlantic the next Monday!

    Thank you so much and keep up the good work! We all wish you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

    Best wishes,

    Steve Boyd, Bryn, Sam and Seren

    Oswestry, UK

    Bryn's Veterinarian: Dr. Barbara Jones, Oakwood Veterinary Centre**

    **This does not necessarily imply that Dr. Barbara Jones, Oakwood Veterinary Centre recommends or endorses our products.

  • ​Our 12 years old husky mix Cheyenne

    Thank you for all you do in your research and work to help us do what we can to help our beloved pets who are so much a part of our family. With the love we have for her, we found you. She will be thirteen in a couple of weeks. Thank you so much for helping Cheyenne. We will continue her maintenance in Spring and Fall.

    Valda Kuhlman

    Big Fork, MT

  • Cindy


    I keep Cindy on an organic diet she is doing super! I make her organic brown rice with chicken or beef and a sweet potato and zucchini.

    Thank you again, I tell everyone I know about your site!


    Chris Stillwaugh

    Broadway, NJ

    ps, attached is a photo of Cindy, my beloved Jack Russell She loves to kayak!

  • ​My beloved adopted dog Suze (pronounced "Susie" --Black lab and Border Collie mix)

    I followed other recommendations in the booklet such as the hydro-therapy.

    I did some research myself as to the powerful cleansing properties of the ingredients in the formulas that Five Leaf offers and sure enough, when used in the proper amounts, they can achieve amazing results in cleansing the kidneys and liver. It was also clear that when you see these products, that they are of the utmost quality. I again want to mention how kind, caring and helpful Amanda was and still is. Clearly she is first and foremost motivated by happy endings and customers than the bottom line. That is a rare find these days in a world of commerce.


    Robert Carillio

    Cleveland, Ohio

  • ​Flyer is 7 years old.

    Thank you, Amanda, for your commitment to our pets. As dog professionals, we always put the dogs in our care before making money. We do it because we love it. It is clear to me that you feel the same way.

    Andrea Holsinger

    Winterville, Georgia

  • My little 4 lb. 12 year old chihuahua, Chachi

    I got on the internet and found this site and talked to Amanda and she sent the drops right out. I know she worked after closing to get my order out. I made Chachi one of the food recipes that Amanda has shared on this site, and promptly went to the vet and force fed him all day until they closed. I got my order of the drops and started giving him his doses 4 times a day. He looks great and runs around with his girlfriend female chihuahua. He is 12 years old, but I'm sure he will be here for some time thanks to these miracle herbs!

    Sandy Parisi

    Clovis, CA

  • Gracie, our 13 year old Jack Russell Terrier

    I found you online and I immediately purchased your program. We did the hydrotherapy and herbal tinctures.

    We tried the recipes, but Gracie did not like any of them, so we just stuck with our raw meat and rehydrated vegetable diet that she loves and added the Doggie Greens to that.

    I will never be able to express my gratitude to you. If we had mountains here in Louisiana, I would shout my gratitude from the mountain tops!!!!!

    Paula Defley

    Belle Chasse, Louisiana

  • Our 14-year-old terrier mix Trixie.

    I found this website and ordered the package on a Sunday with 2-day shipping.

    The CKH products shipped the very next day and were on our doorstep on Wednesday, and we started Trixie on a full course of the supplements.

    She does not mind the supplements in her food at all, and our other little dogs have developed a taste for the dog greens as well.

    Every afternoon she decides it's dinner time and dances around our bed barking and jumping to get our attention. She runs and hops in the yard like she did when she was young, and we can't wait to see her play in the snow like she always loved to do.

    Thanks to Five Leaf.

    Mike Simone

    Cranston, RI

  • Chester

    We have had Chester for almost two years and this 3 year old bundle of energy has completely won over our hearts with his larger-than-life personality and his boundless enthusiasm.

    I found 5 leaf.

    I cannot recommend five leaf and its products strongly enough.

    I wish to thank Amanda sincerely for my family (particularly my daughter) and for Chester who will happily bark at any people or dogs he sees.

    Gregg Wigen

    Butte, MT

  • My 12 yr old toy poodle, Noah

    Thank God I found Amanda and Five Leaf.

    I ordered the Canine Heart AND Kidney package. After talking at length with Amanda and agreeing on protocols to give Noah the many formulas, hydrotherapy.

    He loves his walks and in the course of a day must bring out 5 or 6 toys out of his toybox to play.

    On a cosmetic note, the pesky stains he has always been plagued with under his eyes are gone as well! He is a true testimony to the power of God's botanicals! Thanks Amanda and 5 Leaf for your knowledge and caring. Noah is our joy!

    Laura Vann

    Citrus Heights, CA

  • My 16 year old toy poodle, Brea

    I called the 1-800 number and talked to Amanda personally. Talking to a real person, who also happens to be the founder of Five Leaf. Amanda was cordial, friendly, and most importantly, gave me support.

    Five Leaf has not and will not pay me for this testimonial. I am compelled to write, only because my pet has her happiness. I would like to see pets being offered a chance to support their health. That's all.

    So, my advice to anyone is: GIVE IT A TRY. You have nothing to lose! Correction, you will be short of a couple hundred dollars, but in my opinion, our little companions are worth that small investment.

    Thank you, Five Leaf, and thank you Amanda, for the wonderful and important work that you do. Brea and I love you lots!

    Alexandra David

    Mt. Pleasant, MI

  • ​My dog Willie, a shih tzu who was just turned 15

    I wanted to thank you, for your amazing product.

    I did my research and found your company. I began home preparing all his food, organic. I purchased your cleanse and did it twice. First for the 21 days, then a two week break, and then another 21 days.

    Thank You.

    Stephanie Holliday

    Montreal, Quebec

  • Our latest and greatest 12 year old dog, Moab.

    After weeks of online research and reading vet books, we came to one simple conclusion – change Moab’s diet. Could our high priced, “top-of-the-line” dog food be the problem?

    We decided to follow Five Leaf’s suggested meal plan. After a few weeks of homemade meals and Dog Greens we started to see a huge increase in Moab’s energy levels.

    Moab has more energy than ever and routinely hikes miles on end with us in the mountains of Colorado. It’s back to tail chasing and playing in the snow!

    For those of you who are interested…. Moab’s diet consists of brown rice, sweet potatoes, carrots, celery, green beans, chicken, hard boiled eggs or tofu, Tums (for calcium), Flax seed oil, and Dog Greens (vitamins). Yogurt for a snack. His current protein intake is around 18% (high BV proteins) which we are raising slowly to a target of 20-24%. His diet has 1.2 part calcium to 1 part phosphorus. We try to keep the carb to protein ratio around 2:1 or 3:1. Total calories are 1560. Moab is 12 years old, 55 lbs, and is active.

    Thank you Five Leaf.

    Mary & Rod

    Longmont, Colorado

  • Sandy

    will keep Sandy on the Dog Greens supplements forever as they are rich in vitamins and minerals and will help support her health ongoing.

    Amanda, I cannot thank you enough for your sincere caring. I am most thankful that you have developed these wonderful natural products and I will continue to give your website to all our friends with dogs. Muchas Gracias

    Marie Dwyer-Bullock

    San Antonio, Jalisco, Mexico

  • Sleepy

    Though I continue to grieve about this loss, I am grateful to your company. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I will make sure to spread the word to other loving pet owners so that they can receive the great gift that I have... time. Precious time. I am mainly writing this testimonial to encourage those dog owners who think that their dogs are too old. Sleepy was barely 19 and responded well to the supplements. He hated the taste, but it was so evident that it gave him such a better quality of life. He died at a very full 20 years and two months of age. Though I had no idea if it would work, I took a chance on Five Leaf, and I will forever be glad that I did. Sleepy Coleman 9/3/1992 - 11/21/2012.

    Nia Coleman

    Upper Marlboro, MD

  • Bapsie

    We found Five Leaf, immediately ordered and started with the Hydrotherapy and diet while awaiting the meds to be shipped to South Africa.

    We are so thankful to God and Five Leaf Pet for taking the time and effort assisting us in taking care of our beloved pets. Thank you guys, I will be sure to refer these to everyone I know.

    Janet Short

    Wilropark Roodepoort

    Gauteng, South Africa

  • ​Rudy, our 18-year-old Jack Russell Terrier

    I remembered I had received some literature from Five Leaf regarding their natural products that had been included with a shipment I received for another item.

    Our veterinarian was stunned and, at every routine follow-up visit, brings other vets into the room to tell them about Rudy's extraordinary story.

    Thank you Five Leaf!

    Renee Karras

    Valparaiso, IN

    Rudy's Veterinarian: Dr. McAfee**

    **This does not necessarily imply that Dr. McAfee recommends or endorses our products.

  • My dogs name is Luna

    I came across this website and read all reviews. Placed the order as well for cleansing and greens. Bottom line is that my beautiful Luna is active and happy! has great appetite and loves the raw food I make for her as well as her favorite snacks of dehydrated green tripes I get from green Thank you again from bottom of my heart!


    Anna Kolano

    Wallington, NJ

    Luna's Veterinarian: Dr Debra Hall**

    **This does not necessarily imply that Dr Debra Hall recommends or endorses our products.

  • My precious dog, Cookie

    Came across Five Leaf Pet Botanicals!! I couldn’t wait to try the products.

    I immediately placed my order and started Cookie on the program. I was diligent with the drops, dog greens, and her healthy diet. Consistency was the key.

    I can’t say enough about these products. I wish everybody knew about this program!!! Thank you Amanda!!! Cookie and I love you!!!

    Lisa Walters,

    Bargersville, Indiana

    Cookie's Veterinarian: Dr. Vaught**

    **This does not necessarily imply that Dr. Vaught recommends or endorses our products.

  • Eddy

    We believe God led us to Five Leaf Pet Botanicals and the wonderful insights of Amanda.

    I read the reviews and was skeptical but desperate to help our little guy!! I called and spoke with Amanda who I believe is an angel sent from above.

    She was so patient with the dozens of questions I had about the protocol.

    I ordered the program. I was very diligent about the program and changed his diet.

    Linda Graham

    Bennington, VT

    Eddy's Veterinarian: Dr. Linda Morris**

    **This does not necessarily imply that Dr. Linda Morris recommends or endorses our products.

  • Daisy our Lab Mix

    We have two wonderful fur children. Daisy our Lab Mix and Bella our Border Collie mix. Daisy is only 5 years old...

    Thank you all for what you do on a daily basis.

    Thanks again.

    Tami, Garry, Bella and Daisy Werra

    Union Grove, WI

    Daisy's Veterinarian: Dr. Jacques Thebert**

    **This does not necessarily imply that Dr. Jacques Thebert recommends or endorses our products.

  • My cat, Schmutz

    My cat, Schmutz

    I recommend Five Leaf to people often. It's a great company with wonderful customer service.

    Barbara Weisfeld

    Brooklyn, NY

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